2017-2018 NASBP Leadership

2017-2018-NASBP-Officers.jpgNASBP Officers
At the Annual Meeting, NASBP inducted the 2017-2018 Officers of the Association into office. NASBP elected Howard Cowan as NASBP President. Cowan is Principal of the Acrisure, LLP, dba Cowan-Hill Bond Agency, in Lubbock, TX. NASBP elected Robert E. Shaw as NASBP First Vice President. Shaw is President of Skillings Shaw & Associates, Inc. in Lewiston, ME. John N. Bustard was elected as NASBP Second Vice President. Bustard is Executive Vice President of King & Neel, Inc. in Honolulu, HI. Mark Munekawa was elected NASBP Third Vice President. Munekawa is Senior Vice President of Surety of Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. in San Francisco, CA. In addition, Lynne W. Cook will serve as NASBP Immediate Past President. Cook is Senior Vice President of Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC in Rockville, MD.

NASBP 2017 - 2018 Officers: Standing from left are Second Vice President John N. Bustard, Immediate Past President Lynne W. Cook, President Howard Cowan, Third Vice President Mark Munekawa, and First Vice-President Robert E. Shaw. 

NASBP announced the appointment of four Directors-At-Large and two Regional Directors to serve on the NASBP Board of Directors.

NASBP elected the following four bond producers to the position of Director-At-Large: Jason Gusso of Gusso Surety Bonds, Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD; Rusty Lear of Flood & Peterson Insurance in Greeley, CO; Chad Martin of TIS Insurance Services, Inc. in Knoxville, TN; and Jose Milan of Carrion, Laffitte & Casellas, Inc./HUB International CLC in Hato Rey, PR. NASBP Directors-At-Large set policy for the Association and vote on the Association’s policy matters. These four join eight other NASBP Directors-At-Large currently serving on the Board. Directors-At-Large serve three years. A complete list of NASBP Directors-At-Large currently serving on the Board can be found here.

Regional Directors  
In addition to the ten Regional Directors who were re-appointed to oversee their regions, NASBP has elected the following two new Regional Directors: Billy L. Painter with Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. in Jackson, MS, who will oversee Region 8, which includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee; and Ruben Jordan Blanes with Fulcro Insurance, Inc. in Old San Juan, PR, who will oversee Region 12, which includes Puerto Rico and South America. Each Regional Director helps plan the annual NASBP regional meeting for their region and serves at least a one-year term. Regional Directors may serve consecutive years. A complete list of NASBP Regional currently serving on the Board can be found here.

NASBP thanks these individuals for their commitment and service to the Association.