NASBP Continues Efforts to Help Veterans Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress


 "Thank you,...if it wasn't for [Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol treatment], I would probably still be in a dark place..."
-- Frank, a veteran who experienced post traumatic stress (PTS) after serving in the Marine Corps for 15 years, during which he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan six times. 

Frank is one of an estimated 500,000 veterans suffering from post traumatic stress (PTS). Following his experiences during multiple deployments and prior to receiving the RTM Protocol, he struggled with work, school, and family in addition to sleeplessness. After receiving the RTM Protocol, Frank's nightmares and flashbacks diminished in frequency after one treatment and after three RTM treatments all nightmare/flashbacks ceased. Eight weeks post-treatment, Frank "was sleeping well and fully present with work, school," and his family.

The RTM Protocol, which Frank received, deals with traumatic memories and is administered over a period of three to five days without drugs, hospitalization, or any pain to the patient. 

NASBP wants to help more veterans like Frank and is supporting the Research & Recognition Project, which oversees the research and breakthrough RTM treatment for PTS. NASBP's leadership set a goal to honor the Association's 75th Anniversary and to continue to fund this research for veterans suffering from PTS. Since the NASBP Annual Meeting & Expo in April, NASBP has received over $61,000--with commitments of an additional $70,000 expected to be received shortly.

To make a significant impact, the NASBP leadership has set an aggressive goal of raising $750,000. An initiative this big will take the combined efforts of Members, Affiliates, and Associates and many others. The NASBP Leadership believes that our NASBP family can achieve this important goal by the 2018 NASBP Annual Meeting, when this campaign concludes. 

Many will recall NASBP's first fundraising campaign for this veterans' research project occurred at the 2015 NASBP Annual Meeting, where Members, Affiliates, and Associates combined to raise over $120,000 for this worthy cause. 

We learned at that meeting in 2015 that 22 veterans commit suicide every day due to PTS, information determined from a 2013 Veteran Administration (VA) study.That is why NASBP is committed to supporting the Research & Recognition Project, to ensure its research can be completed quickly and other groups can become aware of this breakthrough treatment and train therapists to administer it. Trained therapists are critical in expanding the Project to other parts of the country, ultimately providing more veterans access to the treatment. Funds raised to date are currently being used for studies at the Mind Research Network in New Mexico and at Bradley University in Illinois as well as other locations. All studies are yielding very promising results, which will be submitted to major medical journals soon. Additionally, funding from this project is being used to begin treating approximately 100 additional veterans, who are on a waiting list in San Diego.

After seeing results from the current studies, Veteran Administration hospitals in several states as well as other groups are expressing interest in the Protocol. None of this would have been possible without the involvement of NASBP. Now it’s time to finish what we started. We have an opportunity to truly make a difference in thousands of lives both returning quality of life to our soldiers as well as sparing thousands of family members from the pain of suicide. Keep your eyes open for future updates on our fundraising. We have a number of ideas in development to help all of us get the word out and track our progress. With everyone's help we will reach this goal and help our veteran community and our country. 

How you can help

This effort has been accomplished without funding or assistance from the VA and without federal monies. To make a donation in support of the Research & Recognition Project and find out how close the fundraiser is in reaching its goal, click hereFor additional information about the project, read Dr. Frank Bourke's article published in the Winter 2017 issue of Exceptional Parent the Magazine or visit the Research & Recognition Project website at Be on the lookout for further information and other materials at the NASBP Regional Meetings that the NASBP membership can share with their staff.