Marshberry Benchmarking Survey

MarshberryNASBP Engages MarshBerry in 2009 to Assist Members in Measuring Profits and Operational and Equity Perspectives

In 2009 NASBP engaged MarshBerry to conduct a benchmarking study that included surveying NASBP members. The results of this financial and bond specific survey provides members a resource to measure their agency’s profit and operational and equity perspectives against those of their peers, as well as the overall insurance industry. 

The benchmarking survey results provided members with a ranking for their agency based upon a scale of 1-10, the agency's performance, the average NASBP performance, the best 25% of NASBP member performance, an insurance industry average, and the best 25% of the total insurance industry. The output also illustrated bond specific information relative to NASBP members only.

In 2005, a similar benchmarking survey was conducted, as well as, a survey of members' readiness for internal perpetuation. 

Marsh, Berry & Company, Inc., founded in 1981, is a management consulting firm for the financial services industry and the preeminent provider of consulting services for independent insurance agency owners and brokers. Services include agency valuations, perpetuation planning, compensation strategies, financial management, strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions., an on-line agency management resource, can help NASBP members improve sales, boost employee performance and measure their value.

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