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NASBP Proudly Announces the Inauguration of the CPA Advisory Council

NASBP is proud to announce the inauguration of an exciting new initiative—the NASBP Certified Public Accountant Advisory Council (CPAAC). The CPAAC is comprised of eight CPAs, and one ex officio participant, with knowledge and experience on accounting issues in various relevant industries, including contract and commercial surety, construction, and government contracts.

The CPAAC includes the following CPAs. Please read the resumes of the distinguished CPAs who serve on the inaugural NASBP Certified Public Accountant Advisory Council and welcome them as a valuable NASBP “resource team” by clicking here

  1. Emilio F. Alverez at Alvearez & Company, P.A. 
  2. Jack A. Callahan at CohnReznik 
  3. Gehrig C. Cosgray at CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
  4. Kevin M. Doyle at Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, P.C.
  5. R.A. Bobbi Hayes at PRC CPAs + Consultants, LLP
  6. David V. Jean at Albin, Randall & Bennett
  7. Timothy T. Wilson at BKD LLP
  8. Julian M. Xavier at GALLINA LLP
  9. John Corcoran at CICPAC  

The mission statement for the CPAAC provides as follows:

The NASBP Certified Public Accountant Advisory Council is constituted for the purpose of serving as a resource team to NASBP and providing substantive content to NASBP for articles, programs, and presentations on accounting, tax and other financial issues regarding surety, government contracts, and construction topics for the betterment of the surety industry.

The eight accountants and the ex officio participant who serve on the CPAAC, whose resumes and photographs can be accessed from the NASBP microsite, will provide articles for the various NASBP publications, including Surety Bond Quarterly and Pipeline; participate in NASBP Virtual Seminars; develop articles for; assist in the development of various online courses; and provide in-person presentations on various topics at the Annual Meeting, Regional Meetings, and special conferences and seminars. The CPAs will coordinate their NASBP activities with General Counsel Martha Perkins. They have kindly agreed to serve on the CPAAC in a volunteer capacity and will receive no compensation for their time and services.

This new initiative follows closely and is modeled on the highly successful and robust NASBP Attorney Advisory Council (AAC), which was inaugurated in March 2015. It was at the suggestion of John Corcoran, Executive Director of CICPAC, who recognized and voiced the success of the AAC, that NASBP began consideration of creating the CPAAC. NASBP is pleased that Corcoran has agreed to serve as an ex officio participant on the CPAAC. 

NASBP is grateful to have the benefit of the excellent informational content from those serving on the CPAAC, to enhance NASBP’s already extensive educational offerings to its Members, Affiliates, and Associates and to the public about suretyship, construction, and government contracts. 

In 2015 the attorneys serving on the AAC provided NASBP with the following content: 2 surety industry white papers, 3 Regional Meeting presentations, 6 Virtual Seminars, one in-person seminar, and 11 articles published in Surety Bond Quarterly and Pipeline.

NASBP wishes to thank publicly the attorneys currently serving on the AAC and providing outstanding content to NASBP:

  1. Barron Avery at Baker & Hostetler in Washington, DC
  2. Adrian Bastianelli at Peckar & Abramson in Washington, DC
  3. Jeff Frank at Alber Crafton in Troy, Michigan
  4. Jay Labe at Allen & Curry in Denver, Colorado
  5. Mike Pipkin at Weinstein Radcliff Pipkin in Dallas, Texas
  6. Todd Regan at Robinson & Cole in Hartford, Connecticut
  7. Armen Shahinian at Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi in West Orange, New Jersey
  8. Scott Walters at Smith Currie & Hancock in Atlanta, Georgia

The author of this article is Martha Perkins, General Counsel at NASBP. Martha Perkins can be reached at or 202.686-3700.

This article is provided to NASBP members, affiliates, and associates solely for educational and informational purposes. It is not to be considered the rendering of legal advice in specific cases or to create a lawyer-client relationship. Readers are responsible for obtaining legal advice from their own counsels, and should not act upon any information contained in this article without such advice.