Upcoming Fall NASBP Virtual Seminars

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Below is the list of NASBP Virtual Seminars scheduled this fall. Consider inviting your staff and contractor clients to join you at your office to listen and participate in them. Register for each by clicking on their respective registration links below. 

shoppman.jpgSeptember 5 NASBP  Virtual Seminar: "Turning Construction Project Managers into Business Managers"
Preparing construction project managers to effectively manage and to execute projects profitably is key to a contractor’s success. Project managers are the business managers that may ultimately become the leadership of the construction firm. FMI’s Principal and Florida Consulting Manager, Gregg Shoppman, who specializes in the areas of productivity and project management, will describe how contractors can ensure that their project managers will effectively manage project controls, projected cash flow, and payment for work done, as well as use innovative tools; leverage key relationships with subs, suppliers, and consultants; and develop a solid foundation of technical, management, leadership, and business skills. Project managers who accomplish these skills while maintaining positive client relationships to leverage future repeat business are excellent candidates for leading the firm. Shoppman has completed project management and productivity implementation engagements for general and trade contractors and facilitates strategic planning and evaluation services focused on organizational transformation. He has also been an instructor with FMI’s Project Manager Academy and regularly trains individuals from foreman to CEO. Consider asking your contractor clients to join you at your office for this Virtual Seminar on September 5 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Register Now.

miller.jpgSeptember 19 NASBP Virtual Seminar: “Accounting & Financial Statement Issues for Construction Contractors”

canosa.jpgSurety professionals and their construction clients need to know the accounting and financial statement issues today’s contractors face. CPAs Adam A. Canosa and James Miller of the accounting firm of Marcum, LLP in New Haven, CT will describe accounting and financial statement presentation issues often encountered, such as unapproved change orders/claims, joint ventures, insurance and other contract-related reserves. They will explain new accounting standards that impact the construction industry, including revenue recognition, variable interest entity (VIE) reporting requirements, and goodwill. Canosa, a Senior Manager in the Assurance Services division of the firm, has more than 10 years of experience analyzing financial information for contractors; and Miller, a Member of the firm's National Construction Industry Group, has more than 13 years of experience. Both have been involved in engagements involving fraud and litigation support and due diligence projects for business acquisitions. Consider inviting your construction clients to join you at your office for this NASBP Virtual Seminar on September 19 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Register Now.

October 10 NASBP Virtual Seminar: “Revenue Recognition: A Practical Approach to Implementation"

Learn what surety professionals and their contractor clients need to know about the FASB revised revenue recognition standard. CPAs Chris Gewain and Brent Rutter, both partners with the accounting firm of Moss Adams, LLP, will describe what private companies should be doing now to apply the standard to reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2018. Join us to learn the practical steps to prepare for, assess impact, and implement the new revenue guidance with minimal disruption. Gewain, who has practiced public accounting since 2003, manages audits for construction and employee benefit plan clients. Rutter, who has practiced public accounting since 1996. develops and monitors the Moss Adams assurance practice, providing technical consultations on complex audit and accounting matters. He focuses on emerging issues and changes in professional standards that impact the firm’s private company clients. Among his areas of expertise are the lease accounting and revenue recognition standards for the construction industry. Consider inviting your construction clients to join you at your office for this NASBP Virtual Seminar on October 10 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Register Now.

October 24 NASBP Virtual Seminar: “Creating a Sustainable Construction Company"

WayneRiversInternationally acclaimed writer and business authority, Wayne Rivers of The Family Business Institute, Inc., will present "Creating A Sustainable Construction Company," on October 24 at 2 pm Eastern time. Rivers will discuss the top nine reasons for closely held business failure. Among them are lack of a common vision, poor self and time management, poor next generation leadership development and training, and an unwillingness or inability to address problem issues due to fear of conflict. Rivers will introduce the eight building blocks for creating a sustainable construction company, including tips on developing a common vision, how to get a handle on time, more effectively managing people, and the “magic bullet” solution which simultaneously increases business sustainability and improves business harmony. Surety professionals and their construction clients will gain several tools to objectively evaluate and improve a construction company. Consider inviting your construction clients to join you at your office for this NASBP Virtual Seminar on October 24 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Register Now.

For more information about NASBP Virtual Seminars, click here or contact Assistant Director of Professional Development Danielle Hard at dhard@nasbp.org.