Don't Miss Keynote at NASBP Regionals

2017RegionsApp.png The NASBP 2017 Regional Meetings are right around the corner and will offer plentiful networking opportunities and engaging session content and will continue the yearlong 75th Anniversary Celebration.

All three fall Regional Meetings will feature the Keynote Session: "Anatomy of a Federal Surety Bond Fraud Criminal Case". This in-depth look at an actual federal investigation, trial, and conviction of an individual surety, who placed worthless bonds on federal construction contracts that hurt taxpayers, subcontractors and suppliers. The federal investigator team members will relate the painstaking process they undertook to unravel the fraud schemes and to convict those in the chain of distribution of the fraudulent bonds. This is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand how a federal criminal investigation and trial on surety fraud takes place.

Special networking opportunities are scheduled for the young leaders of the surety industry on the opening evening of each Regional Meeting. Members of the NASBP 5-15 Leadership Committee and the SFAA Young Professionals Group will hold a joint meeting to discuss committee initiative and future joint projects followed by a private reception.

The special commemorative 75th Anniversary Exhibit, which was displayed at the Annual Meeting in April, will be traveling to all three Regional Meetings. The six-paneled wall exhibit honors the Association’s history in terms of growth, leadership, membership, and accomplishments since 1942. Also, attendees will receive a copy of the commemorative booklet. Additional copies of the NASBP 75th Commemorative Booklet are available upon request. In addition, NASBP golf shirts that include the NASBP 75th Anniversary logo patch sewn onto them will be available for purchase.

Also, remember to download the free mobile apps for the 2017 NASBP Regional Meetings from the Regional Meeting webpages. The Regions 4,5,6 & 7 mobile app is pictured here.

For more information on the Regional Meetings and to register, visit the website.