Recent NASBP Member Outreach

NASBP Members continue to make outreach efforts to the small and emerging contractor community in their regions. See how below.

ChrisDowneyBobbiHayesIn July NASBP Regional Director Chris Downey of Downey and Company and CPA Advisory Council Participant R.A. Bobbi Hayes of RPC CPAs + Consultants, LLP, both of Albuquerque, NM, arranged to meet with the Albuquerque, NM, Small Business Administration representative and her staff to explain financial documents and a balance sheet. Downey and Hayes answered questions and helped the SBA staff to understand these items more thoroughly. Immediately, the SBA staff indicated interest in having Downey and Hayes speak to others.  

BrandonBushJacob HaddockIn May, Brandon Bush and Jacob Haddock of Propel in Seattle, WA received a thank you letter for their time and outreach to the City of Tacoma Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program"s Community and Economic Development Department. Bush and Haddock presented a subcontractor class on bonding and prime contractors at the Tacoma SBE spring 3-event series. Keith D. Armstrong, SBE Program Advisor for the City of Tacoma, appreciated their engaging presentation. Armstrong said, "You made the topics interesting and relevant to our audiences. We truly enjoyed the way you presented and answered questions from newbies as well as the experienced subcontractors. What a wonderful event. This was just what our group needed and you did an excellent job."