NASBP Boosts Support of Research Project for Veterans Suffering from PTS

tinyRTMfundrsr.jpgThrough individual contributions from Members, Affiliates, and Associates, NASBP is once again supporting the Research & Recognition Project, which is a breakthrough treatment for post-traumatic stress (PTS), a condition from which many veterans suffer. Current NASBP President Lynne W. Cook and incoming NASBP President Howard Cowan have committed to promoting the start of a $750,000 fundraising campaign at the NASBP 75th Annual Meeting in Boca Raton, FL, to continue to support this research and treatment for the veteran community.

Given the success of the Research & Recognition Project, it is critical that the pace of research increase, which will enable the American Medical Association and other groups to acknowledge this breakthrough treatment approach and train therapists nationwide, ultimately providing more veterans access to the treatment. Currently, there are ongoing studies at the Mind Research Network in New Mexico and at Bradley University in Illinois in need of funding. Additionally, there is a waiting list of approximately 100 additional veterans in San Diego awaiting treatment as soon as funding is available. Current estimates place the number of veterans with post traumatic stress at approximately 500,000, a number which is growing every day. 

History of the Research & Recognition Project
The Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol was used following 9-11 to treat many of the survivors in New York City and proved to be very successful. The protocol deals with traumatic memories and is administered over a period of three to five days without drugs, hospitalization, or any pain to the patient. Approximately two years after 9-11, Dr. Frank Bourke began to turn his efforts towards using this groundbreaking process on veterans returning home from serving in the military and suffering with post traumatic stress. The first step was a study in the state of New York that resulted in a 96% success rate.

In 2015, NASBP joined Retired Rear Admiral Denny Wisely and the Blue Angels Foundation in an effort to raise approximately $300,000 to fund a replication study in San Diego. During that 2015 NASBP Annual Meeting and the months following, NASBP Members and Affiliates donated over $120,000. That money, along with other monies raised by the Blue Angels Foundation, funded the San Diego Study, which again showed great results with an 88% success rate. Subsequently, an additional San Diego Study was conducted and focused on female veterans only, yielding similar results.

In 2016 in New York, another study that included 75 veterans was completed with an over 90% success rate.

How you can help
This effort has been accomplished without funding or assistance from the Veterans Administration and without federal monies. To make a donation in support of the Research & Recognition Project and find out how close the fundraiser is in reaching its goal, click here.  

For additional information about the project, read Dr. Frank Bourke's article published in the Winter 2017 issue of Exceptional Parent the Magazine. Look for further information at the NASBP 75th Annual Meeting.