Video: NASBP’s CEO Pays Tribute to the ConsensusDocs Process -J/F

Markclip.jpgIn celebration of ConsensusDoc's 10th Anniversary, NASBP’s CEO, Mark H. McCallum, recently described NASBP’s involvement with ConsensusDocs and why ConsensusDocs is important for the surety industry and surety professionals who are working directly with construction firms. View the video of the interview.

As a reminder to the NASBP membership, ConsensusDocs was created when industry leaders came together in 2007 to create best practice standards, because they saw a need to offer the industry the means to build a better way. For over 10 years this group of 40+ organizations has focused on developing standardized contracts representing all parties involved in a construction project--owners, general contractors, designers, subcontractors and more. From a change order, purchase order, or prequalification agreement to lump sum or guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contracts, the ConsensusDocs coalition looks out for the industry and strives to offer the best standardized contracts in the industry. View the playlist of videos from other representatives from ConsensusDocs endorsing organizations. 

The ConsensusDocs catalog of contracts has grown from 70 to over 100 standard contracts and in this 10-year period has established a track record of success with billions of dollars of construction put in place using ConsensusDocs contracts. To view the new ConsensusDOCS Contracts Catalogue, updated with the new web platform, click here.

All 11 ConsensusDocs Bond Forms Can Now Be Accessed for Free Through ConsensusDocs Software  

Now ConsensusDocs has made available all 11 bond forms for free through its package on its ConsensusDocs online software. Visit and scroll down to download the software package, titled "Prequalification & Bond Forms Package." Purchase process required but balance due will be $0.

Downloading the bond forms from offers the conveniences of easy editing through the ConsensusDocs Micosoft Word-based technology, a collaborative platform helping parties reach consensus faster, and access to the most current versions of each ConsensusDocs bond form.  
Select the ConsensusDocs software package (after registering at the site) and then follow the prompts to select the bond form you want to complete. To begin filling in the information into the bond form, download the form to your desktop and then enter the information into the bond form (and save it with the .docx extension). Then, upload the document to the ConsensusDocs software table. The draft stamp will be removed, if you select the document you uploaded and if you select the button “Finalize,” this enables you to save the finalized document as a pdf to your desktop. For support, call (866) 925.DOCS (3627) or email:

NASBP membership can save 20% on ConsensusDocs document subscription packages 

Because NASBP is an endorsing member of ConsensusDocs, the NASBP membership receives 20% off of their purchase of ConsensusDocs subscription packages from ConsensusDocs when they provide the following discount code when prompted during purchase, Promotion Code: NASBP400. For more information, visit

ConsensusDocs Includes These 11 Bond Forms   

1. ConsensusDocs 260: Performance Bond Form (coordinated with agreements between contractor and owner)
2. ConsensusDocs 261: Payment Bond Form (coordinated with agreements between contractor and owner)
3. ConsensusDocs 262: Bid Bond
4. ConsensusDocs 263: Warranty Bond (coordinated with the agreements between contractor and owner)
5. ConsensusDocs 470: Design-Build Performance Bond (Surety Liable for Design Costs)
6. ConsensusDocs 471: Design-Build Performance Bond (Surety Not Liable for Design Costs)
7. ConsensusDocs 472: Design-Build Payment Bond (Surety Liable for Design Costs)
8. ConsensusDocs 473: Design-Build Payment Bond (Surety Not Liable for Design Costs)
9. ConsensusDocs 706: Subcontract Performance Bond
10. ConsensusDocs 707: Subcontract Payment Bond
11. ConsensusDocs 760: Subcontract Bid Bond