Feb 5 is SIO Award Nominations Deadline

SIO Awards--Submit Nominations by February 5, 2018

Thanks to everyone who has been promoting surety throughout the year. Less than two months remain to submit nominations for promotional activities before the deadline. Nomination forms for the 2017 awards are due Monday, February 5, 2018. 

tiger.jpgNomination forms can be submitted for the following categories: the Tiger Trust Award, Platinum Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, and Advocacy Award. Please fill out all information and return the form to Bryan Surcouf at bsurcouf@surety.org. Send photos and supplementary materials to Bryan Surcouf at bsurcouf@surety.org or SFAA, 1140 19th Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C., 20036. Applications are not complete until all supporting materials have been received. Direct questions to Surcouf at 202.778.3629. Each of the awards is described below and at http://awards.suretyinfo.org

NASBP and SFAA members who successfully persuade private owners or lenders to specify contract surety bonds on their projects are eligible to be inducted into the prestigious Tiger Trust. Winners must be current (dues-paid) NASBP or SFAA members.

Platinum Awards for Excellence in Surety Bond Promotion are presented to an individual NASBP or SFAA member whose efforts to promote contract surety bonds have had a significant impact on the surety industry. This award is not based on the volume of activities, but on the successful outcome of the individual’s actions in promoting the value and benefits of contract surety bonds. Winners must be current (2017) dues paid NASBP or SFAA members.

Silver and Gold Awards for Excellence in Surety Bond Promotion are presented to local surety associations (LSAs) that conduct at least five and 10 public relations and educational activities, respectively, in a calendar year to promote the use of contract surety bonds in construction.

The Advocacy Award is for LSAs that conduct significant activities advocating for suretyship, other than public relations or educational, such as fighting legislative efforts to waive bonds or increase bond thresholds, or advocating for reasonable bond forms.

The Surety Information Office (SIO) looks forward to recognizing the year's outstanding surety professionals for their hard work. Please review the entry information and criteria carefully. These details, along with the nomination forms, can be found on the SIO Awards Page at http://awards.suretyinfo.org.

Provide LSA Officers' Contact Information

Just a reminder that the Surety Information Office (SIO) maintains a directory of officers of LSAs. LSA officers can update their contact information online at this webpage

The Surety Information Office (SIO), formed in 1993, disseminates information about the benefits of contract and other forms of surety bonding in private and public construction. SIO, a virtual office, is supported by the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP), www.nasbp.org, and The Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA), www.surety.org. For information on the benefits of surety bonds in construction and in other contexts, visit www.sio.org or contact SIO at sio@sio.org.