How to Purchase

NASBP recently negotiated with AIA to provide NASBP members and affiliates access to the NASBP Bond Forms that are equivalent to the AIA A312-2010, Performance Bond and Payment Bond, and the AIA A310-2010, Bid Bond. Free access to these NASBP Bond Forms is a NASBP membership benefit provided Members and Affiliates upon their agreement to the NASBP license for use of the NASBP Bond Forms.    

Choose the Right AIA Contract Documents™ Product

AIA Contract Documents offer several product options to fit your business. These range from Paper documents that you complete by hand, and purchase though your local distributor, to electronic documents you can fill out on your computer and purchase right from this website. The electronic versions include AIA Documents-on-Demand™, which allows users to purchase a single electronic document and a variety of AIA Software Licenses that provide access to our entire contract document library for one year.

For more information, to compare, or to purchase, visit the AIA Contract Documents How to Purchase Page.