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To assist members, affiliates, and associates, NASBP has compiled the following materials and information on the AIA A312, AIA 310 and the EJCDC C-615 Payment Bond forms.

In June 2010, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released the updated AIA A312 Performance and Payment Bond and the AIA A310 Bid Bond forms. Click here to see the press release released jointly May 25 by NASBP, SFAA and AIA announcing the new forms. This is the first update of these forms since 1984 and 1970 respectively. The NASBP CEO discussed the release of the revised AIA forms in his column, "New Editions of AIA Bond Forms Anticipated to be Released in Late Spring" (Jan/Feb 2010 isssue of Pipeline). 

Also in June 2010, NASBP jointly held with the Surety & Fidelity Association of America a virtual seminar on the revised AIA bond forms. An audio recording of the June 29 seminar on the revised versions of the AIA bond forms, AIA A312 and AIA 310, is available for purchase. If you missed it, this audio recording can help you become familiar with the specific updates to the forms and their significance to owners, contractors, subcontractors and surety professionals. The $65 includes the audio file, sample copies of both forms, a presentation outline and the publication "AIA Bond Form Commentary and Comparison." To purchase the audio recording, click here.

Background information about revisions to both AIA and EJCDC documents:
"AIA and EJCDC Issue Interim Revisions to Payment Bond Forms to Help Ameliorate Industry Concerns" Spring 2008 issue of Pipeline
"The A312 Payment Bond 'You are always on my mind, you [are] always on my mind'" Jan/Feb 2008 issue of Pipeline  
"Bramble Redux - Another court weighs in on the AIA A312 Payment Bond 45-day time requirement" Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Pipeline

For more information about other construction industry standard form documents:  

NASBP members and affiliates have complimentary acces to the NASBP Bond Forms.  

NASBP members and affiliates have complimentary access to the EJCDC Payment Bond (EJCDC-615) and EJCDC Peformance Bond (EJCDC C-610).  

NASBP members and affilaites have complimentary access to the eleven ConsensusDOCS bond forms.