It's Here! NASBP Producer Communications Toolkit 2.0

By Kathryn Doran posted 07-21-2020 11:38 AM

It’s more important than ever to talk about surety.

During this period of uncertainty, owners, lenders, architects, and contractors can be proactive and seize control over known and unknown risks by recommending or requiring performance and payment bonds that guarantee performance and transfer the risks of nonperformance to the surety company.

Toolkit 2.0 CoverThe newly updated Be Guaranteed to Succeed Producer Communications Toolkit is designed to help our industry talk about surety in a new and more compelling way. Framing surety in terms of successful outcomes for projects and personal reputations can help shift perceptions of surety, from a line-item cost to a business advantage.

The Toolkit 2.0 has messages to talk about surety with owners, lenders, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders. There are talking points focused on the perspective of each stakeholder, and an elevator speech to help you have a compelling, succinct way to pitch the value of surety.

Social Media Group ImagesToolkit 2.0 provides new social media content—images and post copy  that you can use or edit to make your own. The kit makes it easy to take text for your social media posts from the "Pastable Copy document" in the Social Media Asset folder. There is also a list of best practices for all the major social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter—to help you make the most of your audience on each one. Also included are all of the NASBP Surety Story Videos, with a description identifying the stakeholder with whom to share the video. The Toolkit also provides instructions how to include a NASBP video in your next presentation, through an email, or on your website.  NASBP Surety Story Video

The extensive resource chart has links taking you to NASBP documents, articles, videos, and more, targeted to each stakeholder. These will help you talk about and promote the value of surety. The PDF links to each of these items, or you can access everything from the Be Guaranteed to Succeed website. Consider sharing these resources with clients. 

Toolkit Resource Full Page and Closeups

We hope you find the messages and tools provided useful for existing and new clients and other surety stakeholders. 

Steps To Access the NASBP Toolkit 2.0 PDF
The NASBP membership can access the Toolkit 2.0 PDF from the Be Guaranteed To Succeed microsite.
Login to the site (if you haven't already.) 
Click on the word "Resources" in the menu across the top of the page. 
Select the last item in list "2.0 Download Toolkit" See Figure 1, below.
Access the pdf of the Toolkit 2.0 PDF in two ways, by clicking on either the graphic image of the cover of the Toolkit (pictured woman in hardhat) or the words

Figure 1
Figure 2 
If you missed the unveiling of the Toolkit 2.0 at the NASBP Virtual Event: Being Present and Connecting Surety in a Virtual World on July 22, you can access the recording of the event about one week after the live event occurs.