ConsensusDocs Publishes New Standard Contract for Testing Laboratory Services

The ConsensusDocs has released ConsensusDocs 749, a new standard contract for testing laboratory services, specifically designed for testing hazardous waste. Contractors are often required to retain independent testing lab services. Since lab service contracts, particularly hazardous testing services, present unique issues, a standard contract should help provide consistency in the industry.

“Construction projects can come to a halt when encountering unexpected potentially hazardous waste,” said Robert H. (Bob) Pratt, FCPE, Chair of the ConsensusDocs working group that created the document and Executive Vice President and Principal of Demand Construction Services, Inc. in Englewood, CO. “This new industry-standard agreement will help facilitate getting all types of construction projects back on track when facing this difficult situation.”

The ConsensusDocs 749 was developed with the consensus of many different industry perspectives based on fair and balanced, best practice principles. 

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