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Joint Ventures and Fraud!

Public-Private Partnerships and Bonds!

Federal Small Business Program and Fraud!

Where can you hear the most up-to-date information about these critical issues? Where can you learn how to advise your contractors and subcontractors about these issues? NASBP’s Federal Construction Contracting Seminar in Washington, DC, on June 9!

Right now you are likely focused on the NASBP Annual Meeting & Expo in May at The Broadmoor—and rightly so. But you should focus as well on the NASBP’s Federal Construction Contracting Seminar in Washington, DC, on June 9, following the NASBP Legislative Fly-in on June 7 and 8.

Last years’ Federal Construction Contracting Seminar was a huge success, with attendees surprised at all the new information, especially the various federal contracting pitfalls awaiting uninformed contractors, subcontractors, sureties, and bond producers, about which they were unaware. Apparently, some common construction industry practices could lead inadvertently to False Claim Act and other violations, with potentially severe penalties.

The 2016 NASBP Federal Construction Contracting Seminar will be presented by experienced and knowledgeable attorneys from the national construction law firm of Pecker & Abramson, P.C. and by other experts in their fields. Among other hot topics are the following: 

  • Public–Private Partnerships: The Current Landscape and the Federal Government--and the Future Bonding and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Fraud Update: Joint Ventures Involving the Federal Government Small Business Program
  • Proposed SBA Regulations and their Impact

The growing use of public–private partnerships in the federal landscape, the laser-sharp focus of the government on fraud in federal construction contracting and especially in small business relationships, the increasing use of joint ventures in the federal arena—for all these reasons, and more, you should not miss NASBP’s 2016 Federal Construction Contracting Seminar.

The construction industry in general is complex, with many moving parts, which are in a continuous pattern of change. The federal construction industry is even more complex, with even more moving parts, which are in a continuous pattern of rapid change. To be successful in federal constriction contracting requires a high level of up-to-the-minute knowledge.

NASBP is committed to providing its Members, Affiliates, Associates, other trade associations, public agencies, and the general public with educational opportunities about surety, construction, and federal contracting. We are proud to have some of the outstanding attorneys at Peckar & Abramson explore the current hot issues in federal contraction contracts in this one-day, intensive seminar. 

Registration for the Federal Contracting Seminar and the Fly-in is now open. Rooms must be reserved by May 6 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in order to receive the discounted rate. For more information on both events and to register, please access the microstie for the NASBP Federal Construction Contracting Seminar and for the NASBP Legislative Fly-in. Register now.

The author of this article is Martha Perkins, General Counsel at NASBP. Martha Perkins can be reached at or 202.686-3700.

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