ConsensusDocs Releases Updated Documents


The ConsensusDocs Coalition has published comprehensive revisions to five of its prime and subcontract agreements, which address industry changes impacting insurance, legal, technology, and terminology. The five documents include 200, 204, 240, 750, and 751. Eight other documents with similar revisions will be published in 2017. See the full titles of these documents below. 

“This update reaffirms that using fair contracts to get better project results with fewer claims makes sense for today’s construction industry,” said Brian Perlberg, ConsensusDocs Executive Director. He added, “In order to stay ahead of the curve, refinements addressing changes in the insurance market, technology advances, and terminology refinements are being published. Fundamental principles of owner active engagement, direct and positive party communications, clear and understandable legal writing remain in place.”

After soliciting and receiving extensive feedback, the comprehensive revisions to various key ConsensusDocs forms result from the combined effort of thousands of volunteer hours invested by the ConsensusDocs Content Advisory Council, the significant contributions and support of the 40 member organizations, as well as invaluable feedback of industry participants, attorneys, and other design, construction, insurance and surety professionals who use the ConsensusDocs family of documents. For more information about the specific updates to these documents, see the article written by Phil Beck, a partner at the law firm of Smith, Currie & Hancock, LLP, and titled, "Changes in the Construction Industry and Construction Law Require "2016 Revisions" to ConsensusDocs." 

Just Published:

ConsensusDocs 200 Owner & Constructor Agreement
ConsensusDocs 205 Owner & Constructor Short Form Agreement 
ConsensusDocs 240 Owner & Design Professional Agreement
ConsensusDocs 750 Constructor & Subcontractor Agreement
ConsensusDocs 751 Constructor & Subcontractor Short Form Agreement

Coming in early 2017:

ConsensusDocs 235 Owner & Constructor Short Form Agreement (Cost of Work)
ConsensusDocs 245 Owner & Design Professional Short Form Agreement
ConsensusDocs 410 Owner & Design-Builder Agreement (Cost of Work Plus Fee with GMP)
ConsensusDocs 415 Owner & Design-Builder Agreement (Lump Sum)
ConsensusDocs 420 Design-Builder & Design Professional Agreement
ConsensusDocs 450 Design-Builder & Subcontractor Agreement
ConsensusDocs 460 Design-Builder & Subcontract Agreement (Cost Plus with GMP)
ConsensusDocs 500 Owner & Construction Manager Agreement (GMP with Preconstruction Services Option)

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