Advance Your Surety Skills with Contract Surety School Level III

Level III LogoNASBP’s contract and commercial Surety Schools offer expert and comprehensive training for surety professionals on the agency side and on the company side who have varying knowledge and expertise. This esteemed NASBP education program provides an opportunity to establish professional relationships with industry peers. All of NASBP’s Surety School classes are offered once or twice a year, except for one, NASBP’s Angell-Curtin Advanced Surety School Level III, which is only offered every other year! Why is that?

Matt CashionThis high-level class is not for everyone, explained NASBP Past President Matt Cashion, pictured left, of Th
e Cashion Company. “It’s fast, it’s deep, it’s not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. It’s Level III, like no other,” he said. 

NASBP Past President and Vice Chair of NASBP’s Angell-Curtin Advanced Surety School Level III Susan Hecker added, “Participation in Level III can result in valuable experience as well as the opportunity to develop friendships and mentoring relationships. It’s challenging but fun.”

Level III is specifically designed for those individuals who have attended the Contract Level II School and/or have a mastery of the content taught in the NASBP Contract Level II School, as well as having 5-plus years of experience in the surety industry. Level III is for an elite class of surety professionals--both producers and underwriters seeking to take the next step, to go beyond the basics, and to dive into Level III's course sections, which include Advanced Financial Analysis and Underwriting; Reinsurance; Marketing and Sales Strategies; Insurance/Risk Transfer/Risk Management; and Strategic Industry Issues. Check out the full course outline for more details.

Susan HeckerHecker, pictured right, pointed out that education goes beyond the classroom, “
One of the most significant benefits of NASBP membership is access to committed surety professionals–both producers and underwriters. Level III provides opportunities whether in class or over a meal to share experiences valuable to the education of our students. Real-life stories can make for deeper understanding and greater clarity and insight about all aspects of the surety business.” The three-day school is an intense, interactive experience that leads the class from the start of the surety relationship through the transition of ownership or sale of the construction company with detailed discussion on the nuanced steps along the way. Cashion also shared that,
“As an instructor of Level III since its inception, I always learn something new each session as the curriculum has been developed and further evolves with industry changes, but, most importantly, from the active participation of the select students attending." 

Are you ready to take the next step? Join this elite group of professionals. Consider attending or sending your staff to NASBP’s Angell-Curtin Advanced Surety School Level III! Seats are limited, and the Contract Level III class will not be offered again until 2026, so register now! 

Here’s what some past students who graduated from the NASBP Contract Level III class, have had to say about their experience!

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