New NASBP Membership Class: Retired Surety Professionals

NASBP is pleased to welcome the individuals who have joined the Association as Retired Surety Professionals. If your bonding agency or surety company has recent retirees who may be interested in joining, please share with them the application form.

The Retired Surety Professionals membership class is the first category of NASBP membership for individual persons, not firms or companies. The Retired Surety Professional category was created to maintain connections between the NASBP community and retired bond producers and underwriters. Retired surety professionals who were at one time employed by a NASBP surety agency or an Affiliate surety company are eligible to join. See the NASBP brochure describing the benefits of being a NASBP Retired Surety Professional.

Retired individual producers and underwriters who are interested in keeping ties with NASBP are too valuable a resource for them not to have a pathway to channel and contribute their surety industry skills, expertise, and experience gained over their careers. Those joining Retired Surety Professionals will be able to participate in the life of the NASBP community, contributing their considerable knowledge and energy to help NASBP with its mission of advancing the interests of surety bonding.

Sarah Finn (far left) with other NASBP members and spouses"I have found joining NASBP as a retired professional member to be worthwhile as it has allowed me to remain connected to the surety industry as well as many of the friends I made while working. It is well worth the investment!"

Sarah M. Finn
Former Executive Vice President 
IMA, Inc.

Pictured, from left: Sarah Finn, Patrick Pribyl, Diane Cory, Steve Cory, Susan Cashion, and Matt Cashion.

The “Retired Surety Professionals” membership class is open to individuals if they: are former employees of regular members or affiliates and are retired; had been in the surety business 15 or more years before retirement; and shall no longer engage in the production of surety as a producer or an underwriter.
To join NASBP as a Retired Surety Professional, complete the application form and contact Dasha Harris at or 240.200.1282.

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