Stay in Touch with Clients this Summer with NASBP Toolkit Resources

Summer is a busy time for producers, contractors, and construction project stakeholders. Need some fresh ideas to stay in touch with clients and project stakeholders during the summer? Look no further than NASBP Producer Communications Toolkit 2.0!

Do's and Don'ts of Smart Contract BiddingDo’s and Don’ts of Smart Contract Bidding for Construction Firms
This article offers tips for first time public project bidding. The list offers suggestions for contractors like including all bond premiums, including subcontractor bond premiums, in the bid. Share this resource with a contractor client that’s looking to bid on public projects for the first time.

**Bonus Resource** Don’t forget that NASBP Membership includes access to many types of standard form documents. Visit the NASBP Forms page for access to NASBP Bond forms through AIA Contract Documents Program, ConsensusDocs forms, DBIA forms, EJCDC forms, and the Producer’s Toolkit, which includes templates for other frequently used forms. (Note, you must be logged into your NASBP account to access these items).

Why Is a Performance Bond a Project Owner's Best FriendWhy Is a Performance Bond A Project Owner’s Best Friend?
This NASBP Blog post highlights how performance bonds protect a project owner’s investments and guarantee project completion. This is perfect to share with a private project owner who is considering requiring surety bonds on an upcoming project. 

**Bonus resource** Listen to this episode of NASBP Podcast “Let’s Get Surety” featuring Kevin Garrity, of NASBP Member firm NFP, who discusses how he successfully convinced a private college to require a surety bond for a substantial construction project.

Surety PrequalificationSurety and Construction Attorneys’ Perspective: Surety Prequalification Goes Beyond Three Cs
This article highlights the importance of the surety prequalification process in assessing a contractor’s capabilities and includes an overview of the process. Share this with potential clients that have concerns about prequalification, focusing on how prequalification helps minimize project risks for all stakeholders.

**Bonus resource** See Question 19 of “Answers to 51 Questions Small Contractors Ask About Bonding” for more information to share with clients on the prequalification process.

Toolkit 2.0 CoverToolkit 2.0 PDF
The PDF of the Toolkit 2.0 includes some things that aren’t available on the producer or stakeholders resource pages. The example elevator speech and talking points for project stakeholders can help producers practice fresh ways to discuss the surety product for networking and presentations. Consistent messaging will also strengthen a producer’s brand.

**Bonus resource** NASBP Virtual Seminar “Personal Branding: Becoming a Surety Influencer” offers producers and underwriters more tips for improving their personal brand. 

Be Guaranteed To SucceedNASBP Surety Stories Video Series
This set of videos tells the personal stories of construction project stakeholders and shares the importance of surety bonds and surety relationships for successful project outcomes. The videos can be easily shared on social media or included in a presentation. Sending a pertinent video as a follow-up to a client meeting gives them a chance to hear from a project stakeholder in their own words about the value of surety.

**Bonus resource** Share NASBP Video “What is a surety bond? NASBP walks you through the bonding process” with potential clients and others that are new to surety bonding and might need an introduction to the process.

These are just some of the valuable free tips and guidance NASBP bond producers will find to help them promote the surety product to construction project stakeholders, including project owners, lenders, architects, and contractors Check out NASBP's social media posts every Friday to learn more about the new NASBP Toolkit 2.0 resources. Visit the Toolkit 2.0 to learn more here:  #BeGuaranteedToSucceed #surety.