NASBP Associates Are Vital Component of NASBP Community

Strengthening professionalism, expertise, and innovation in surety and advocating its use worldwide are fundamental to NASBP’s current and future success. The NASBP Associate membership category was developed to provide a stronger nexus with allied professionals. Non-voting members, known as “Associates,” are those partnerships, corporations, companies, and other business entities that provide accounting, legal, banking, technology, or other business or professional services to regular Members or Affiliates or their clients. See more information about the Associate category and its benefits in this NASBP brochure. As the premiere organization for surety professionals, NASBP brings together all facets of the surety industry and provides a forum for the active exchange of vital information and ideas important to surety bonding.

Jim Lareau teaching at the NASBP Surety School
Being a NASBP Associate enables my company and me to engage with the surety industry’s leading professionals—many of whom share my company’s goal of empowering contractors to reach success. Thanks to my company’s NASBP membership, we have the opportunity to participate in premier surety industry networking events with industry leaders and executives—NASBP Annual Meeting and Fall Meetings—and to share our expertise through NASBP’s Virtual Seminars, podcasts, meetings, and events.

Prior to my association with Performance Construction Advisors, I spent 43 years working with Travelers Surety. I’ve had the unique opportunity to be an instructor at the NASBP William J. Angell Surety School for over 30 years. That experience was personally very rewarding and allowed me to help further the careers of hundreds of surety professionals, with many of whom I’ve developed close business and personal relationships. There is no better avenue for networking in the surety industry than a NASBP membership.

Jim Lareau
Business Development
Performance Construction Advisors

Associate members can participate in almost all facets of the life of the Association, such as serving as volunteers on most committees, attending meetings, receiving NASBP communications, and more, providing them opportunities to share their experiences and knowledge with the greater NASBP Community.

NASBP bylaws require the following prerequisites for membership as an NASBP Associate: provide business or professional services to regular members or affiliates or their clients; affirm your organization’s commitment to the Mission of the Association; pay membership dues in an amount as set from time to time by the Board of Directors.

To join NASBP as an Associate, complete the application form and contact Dasha Harris at or 240.200.1282.
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