New NASBP Map: A Valuable Advocacy Tool S-O

This month, NASBP released a new resource map for its membership, a Survey of State Anti-Directed Surety Statutes. Directed surety occurs when owners designate a specific producer or surety company from which contractors must obtain surety bonds for a specific project or series of projects.

It is the policy of NASBP to oppose the practice of construction project owners specifically designating named surety companies and/or surety producers from which contractors must procure required bonds as a condition of being awarded construction contracts; or, alternately, of reserving the right to purchase required surety bonds for such contractors and pay the premiums thereon, thereby indirectly effecting a designation of the surety and/or the surety producer.

Who prohibits directed suretyship?

  • The federal government prohibits directed suretyship on federal projects.
  • 42 states have statutory prohibitions against directed suretyship.

That Makes Six NASBP Resource Maps!

With the publication of the NASBP Anti-directed Surety Statutes Map, NASBP now offers six maps for the NASBP membership's use.

NASBP's series of maps highlight local legislative activity, legislative initiatives, and valuable resources for NASBP Members, Affiliates, Associates, and their clients. Access requires a NASBP member login.

smlr2017-State-Survey.jpgState Anti-Directed Surety Statutes -- NEW!
A compilation of state anti-directed surety statutes.

Survey of NASBP Comment Letters

Examples of NASBP advocacy efforts on behalf of its members relating issues concerning local, state or federal owners.

State Survey of P3 Authorizing Statutes
A compilation of state P3 statutes.

State DBE Certifying Agencies
A list of federal, state, and local certifying agencies.

Survey of State Bond Thresholds
A compilation of state bonding threshold statutes.

Producer Licensing State Agencies
A list of producer licensing state agencies. 

For more information on these surveys, or to request a copy, please contact Shannon Crawford, Assistant Director of Government Relations, at