NASBP is proud to be one of the first Endorsing Members of the ConsensusDocs Coalition -- Established in 2007

September 28, 2017 marked the ConsensusDocs' 10th Anniversary of publishing the consensus standard contracts written by and for the construction industry. NASBP is proud to be one of the first to join the ConsensusDocs coalition when it formed in 2017. Today, the Coalition represents 40 design and construction industry associations, and it publishes a comprehensive library of more than 100 documents that address all project delivery methods. 

Brian Perlberg, Executive Director of ConsensusDocs, credits these accomplishments to those who helped along the way. “Without a doubt, ConsensusDocs wouldn’t exist without the efforts and ideas of NASBP,” said Perlberg. Since it began, the Coalition has continued to invite construction industry organizations to join and help in drafting and updating the library of consensus standard contract documents. Fourteen of the agreements have been updated in the last year. See the ConsensusDocs Documents Guide and titles of recently updated documents below . 

ConsensusDocs established itself as the leader in construction contracts with the release of noted published documents, including the first standard tri-party or integrated project delivery, 300 Tri-Party Agreement, and the first standard document to comprehensively address the legal ramifications of using Building Information Modeling (BIM), ConsensusDOCS 301 BIM Addendum. Perlberg explained how the organization has grown tremendously since its start. “We doubled the stakeholders involved with ConsensusDocs from 20 to 40, we have formalized organizational rules establishing how everyone must act fairly, we quadrupled subscriptions using the documents, and we established several industry-first standard contract documents—such as BIM and IPD—that are literally driving industry improvements," he said. 

ConsensusDocs Offers Bond Form Package for Free

ConsensusDocs%20apprd%20trdmrk.jpgNow ConsensusDocs has made available all 11 ConsensusDocs bond forms for free through a package on its ConsensusDocs online software. 

“Fair bond forms, like those issued by ConsensusDocs, are necessary ingredients in achieving a balanced apportionment of construction risks,” stated Mark McCallum, CEO of NASBP. “Bond forms containing onerous terms subvert the ability of project owners to realize maximum competition for contracts, even precluding small and disadvantaged firms from the ability to seek contract awards. NASBP applauds the decision to make ConsensusDocs bond forms available at no charge, aptly demonstrating ConsensusDocs’ adherence to its mission to improve the industry through dissemination of fair standardized forms.”

Downloading the bond forms from Consensusdocs.org offers the conveniences of easy editing through the ConsensusDocs Micosoft Word-based technology, a collaborative platform helping parties reach consensus faster, and access to the most current versions of each ConsensusDocs bond form.  

Downloading the Free Bond Form Subscription Package

Visit https://www.consensusdocs.org/QuickPurchase/AllPackages and scroll down to download the software package, titled "Prequalification & Bond Forms Package." Purchase process required but balance due will be $0. Select the ConsensusDocs software package (after registering at the site) and then follow the prompts to select the bond form you want to complete. To begin filling in the information into the bond form, download the form to your desktop then enter the information into the bond form (and save it with the .docx extension). Then, upload the document to the ConsensusDocs software table. The draft stamp will be removed, if you select the document you uploaded and then select the button “Finalize,” which will then enable you can save the finalized document as a pdf to your desktop. ConsensusDocs offers various online support services for its software at www.consensusdocs.org.  

ConsensusDocs Offers Surety Professionals Numerous Resources  

ConsensusDocs offers surety professionals a variety of free resources to help them conduct business, including detailed information on their construction clients' project delivery options as well as sample construction contracts. Below is a list of some of these resources available at the ConsensusDocs web site.

Articles  – a variety of topics are covered including IPD, BIM, green building, federal subcontracting and much more, with new additions on a regular basis

Comparison Chart – ConsensusDocs/ American Institute of Architects /Associated General Contractors, helps you convert from AGC or AIA documents to ensure you get the proper ConsensusDocs document

ConsensusDocs Guidebook – assists you with completing contract documents and helps with issue-spotting

Contracts Catalog – helps you determine the proper contract documents for your project

Copyright Licenses – provides you with free use of ConsensusDocs for educational purposes

Excerpted Sample Contracts – excerpted samples are available via the website, for full samples email support@ConsensusDocs.org

Legal Comparisons – articles and matrices that compare ConsensusDocs, AIA and EJCDC contract clauses

10 Reasons/Owners Brochure  – helps you inform construction project owners why their project needs ConsensusDocs

Podcasts/Audio Recordings – issues include Green Building, Federal Subcontracting, Subsubcontracting, with more to come

Press Releases – so you know the latest news from ConsensusDocs

Visit the ConsensusDocs website to download these free resources and more.

Request a Free Sample ConsensusDocs Contract

Remember that full, sample ConsensusDocs contracts can be requested. To request a full sample ConsensusDocs contract for your internal review purposes, fill out the ConsensusDocs Sample Request form that is at www.consensusdocs.org. Note that any use of the contract, other than for internal review purposes, must come from a valid subscription purchase at www.consensusdocs.org.

Copyright Licensing

Anyone interested in using ConsensusDocs for educational or legal research purposes can apply for a free ConsensusDocs copyright license. Once the application is processed, applicants will receive a numbered copyright license letter and full watermarked samples of the requested documents. Licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis, and are contingent upon compliance with the terms of the license letter. To complete an application for copyright licensing, visit the resources page at ConsensusDocs.org and click on the words "Copyright Application." 

ConsensusDocs documents are the only standard contracts written and endorsed by a coalition of 41 leading design and construction industry associations. NASBP members receive a 20% discount on all ConsensusDocs products that they can purchase at www.ConsensusDocs.org and use the Discount Code “NASBP400”. For more information,
contact call 866.925-DOCS.3627 or email support@consensusdocs.org.
For Technology Platform Packaging and Pricing, click here.
To view the ConsensusDOCS Contracts Catalogue, click here.

NASBP membership can save 20% on ConsensusDocs document subscription packages 

Because NASBP is an endorsing member of ConsensusDocs, the NASBP membership receives 20% off of their purchase of ConsensusDocs subscription packages from ConsensusDocs http://consensusdocs.org/ when they provide the following discount code when prompted during purchase, Promotion Code: NASBP400. For more information, visit http://consensusdocs.org/.

ConsensusDocs Includes 11 Bond Forms 
ConsensusDocs includes 11 bond forms, of which NASBP has obtained free access through special agreement with AGC. NASBP members, affiliates, and associates that want to access these free forms can go to the tab "Bond Forms" at the top of this NASBP web page. Access requires a NASBP login and agreement to the License. The titles of the bond forms are as follows. To download any of the following 11 bond forms, visit this page to review and agree to the terms and conditions.        

1. ConsensusDocs 260: Performance Bond Form (coordinated with agreements between contractor and owner)
2. ConsensusDocs 261: Payment Bond Form (coordinated with agreements between contractor and owner)
3. ConsensusDocs 262: Bid Bond
4. ConsensusDocs 263: Warranty Bond (coordinated for the agreements between contractor and owner)
5. ConsensusDocs 470: Design-Build Performance Bond (Surety Liable for Design Costs)
6. ConsensusDocs 471: Design-Build Performance Bond (Surety Not Liable for Design Costs)
7. ConsensusDocs 472: Design-Build Payment Bond (Surety Liable for Design Costs)
8. ConsensusDocs 473: Design-Build Payment Bond (Surety Not Liable for Design Costs)
9. ConsensusDocs 706: Subcontract Performance Bond
10. ConsensusDocs 707: Subcontract Payment Bond
11. ConsensusDocs 760: Subcontract Bid Bond


For more information, contact Kathy Hoffman at khoffman@nasbp.org.