Register Now for the NASBP Federal Construction Contracting Seminar held June 11 - Washington, DC

By Kathy Hoffman posted 02-27-2015 11:54 AM

In recognition of the need for education on procurement dos and don’ts and on the creation of proper relationships in the federal construction arena, NASBP is offering a one-day, intensive seminar that will explore hot, critical issues in federal construction contracts: "Creating a More Perfect Union? Relationships That Work and Those That Don’t in Federal Construction Contracts."

This seminar has been developed for bond producers, surety underwriters, contractors, and subcontractors and will be offered in Washington, DC, on June 11, 2015, the day following the NASBP Legislative Fly-In. Attendees will learn about dos and don'ts in public contracting relationships, with a focus on design-build, public-private partnerships, joint ventures, teaming agreements, mentor-protégé arrangements, affiliation rules, new SBA regulations, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) fraud. This seminar will address the new proposed SBA rules, which will significantly change the federal contracting landscape for both large and small contractors. A joint venture case study will feature basic facts and a problematic joint venture agreement. This case study is intended to educate attendees on how to spot red flags in joint venture agreements.
It is critical that bond producers, company surety professionals, and large and small contractors and subcontractors, in order to remain competitive in the federal marketplace, become knowledgeable about these changes. This NASBP seminar will provide this important information and the analytical tools to help attendees weather and thrive in the new environment.
The seminar will consist of these major components: 
  • Federal contracting and fraud and how the surety industry will be affected 
  • Key elements of joint ventures and mentor-protégé agreements that will keep your clients out of trouble
  • The new SBA business regulations and how they will impact federal contracting
  • Luncheon speaker on the Justice Department’s view of fraud in the construction industry and what it is doing to solve the problem
  • Ten key problems in negotiating joint venture agreements
  • Examples of problem JV clauses and fraud that you would not suspect is fraud  (This session is designed to assist attendees in helping clients to spot red flags in JV agreements.) 
Attorneys from the national construction and government contracts law firm of Peckar & Abramson will provide most of the presentations at the seminar. Other speakers will include representatives from the Small Business Administration and the Department of Justice.

The Seminar registration fee will be $395 and will include a continental breakfast and a luncheon. If you plan to attend the NASBP Legislative Fly-in the day before, you can receive a $195 discount on the seminar registration fee, that means your seminar registration fee will be $200.

Register now for the NASBP Federal Construction Contracting Seminar Thursday, June 11 (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) Remember that registered NASBP Legislative Fly-in attendees can deduct the Fly-in registration fee from this Seminar registration fee. Plan to attend both critical events to realize a discount and to learn about crucial developments impacting your and your clients’ businesses. More details can be found at