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  • By Lauren P. McLaughlin and Raziye “Raz” Andican of Smith Currie Most contracts address the manner in which retainage will be withheld, reduced, and released. As such, it is imperative that construction ... more

  • By Lauren P. McLaughlin and Raziye “Raz” Andican of Smith Currie Most lawsuits involving project participants include claims that one party violated the prompt payment statutes of the governing ... more

  • Written by Brian R. Gaudet of Kilpatrick Townsend Published May 3, 2021 A group of industry leaders recently came together as a panel to discuss “Public-Private Partnerships: Opportunities & ... more

  • By Richard Reizen and Patrick Johnson of Gould & Ratner LLP Published April 26, 2021 Due to reduced production during the COVID-19 pandemic, increased housing demand and climate events such ... more

  • By Risteard de Paor of Dentons Published April 27, 2021 The construction industry is one of the most vulnerable industries to the effects of climate change due to its reliance on outdoor activities ... more

  • NASBP Attorney Advisory Council participant Timothy Heffernan wants surety bond producers and their construction clients to beware of an emerging legal risk to surety professionals . “For the first ... more

  • By Niel Franzese of Robinson+Cole Published April 23, 2021 Anyone monitoring construction industry trends is aware that the prices of raw construction materials, particularly steel and lumber, have ... more

  • By Tim Fandrey and Trenton Patterson of Gray Reed Attorneys & Counselors Published April 21, 2021 It has been months since you have been paid and the general contractor or the owner continues ... more

  • By Luke C. Tompkins of Ward and Smith, P.A. Published April 21, 2021 Construction projects involve a tiered relationship, which consists of (a) the project owner, (b) a general contractor hired ... more

  • By David A. Mawhinney and Jon S. Barooshian of Bowditch Published April 20, 2021 The Paycheck Protection Program was one of the more innovative and written-about of the CARES Act’s fiscal stimulus ... more

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