NASBP Annual Meeting panel to focus on effective succession planning

By Koula Korson posted 04-26-2016 03:40 PM


A “laser focus” on talent development is crucial in succession planning, says Ron Magnus, Managing Director at the management consulting firm of FMI. Magnus will moderate the panel “Succession Planning: Can You Afford To Wait?” on Monday, May 16 at 10:30 am, at the 2016 NASBP Annual Meeting & Expo in Colorado Springs, CO. Magnus also will deliver a keynote address on unique ways to perpetuate success in one's career and personal life.


“We encourage never leaning on just one person to be your successor, because the statistics will be working against you,” Magnus says.


A strong salesperson might be ego-driven to think he or she would be a strong leader, but that transition doesn't always work out in reality, says Magnus.


The panel members will explore how knowing the difference between leading and managing can be an important factor in succession decisions, creating the need for a leader who can go beyond a cult of personality to build high-performing teams and inspire people, Magnus says.


Some organizations are focused on a few star performers, but “if it's going to be a generational business, you can't let high performers go it alone,” he says. Therefore, top employees should have one or two others working with them to learn how best to serve customers, resolve misunderstandings and tackle other workplace issues, he says.


Organizations need a strong talent pipeline to create long-term success, and that starts with “clarity of vision for the organization” and core values that are conveyed articulately, as younger employees “want something with higher meaning than just another job,” Magnus says.


“Once you have that, then there’s clarity around 'Where are we going?' and 'What's our strategic vision for this organization 10 to 20 years from now?'” he says.


The discussion will “cover the gamut” of small, midsize and large organizations, Magnus says. The panelists are surety leaders who will discuss fundamental best practices for succession planning as well as their industry-specific experiences on what works and what doesn't.


Speaking on the panel are:

•            Bryan Ayres of the NASBP Member firm of L A Surety Solutions

•            Doug Bowring of the NASBP Member firm of Arthur J. Gallagher

•            Rick Ciullo of the NASBP Affiliate Chubb Surety

•            Toby Miclette of the NASBP Member firm of Bowen, Miclette & Britt Insurance Agency

•            Robert Shaw of the NASBP Member firm of Skillings, Shaw & Associates.


Magnus started the FMI's Leadership Institute, which is now in its 20th year and has more than 6,000 alumni, according to FMI's website. Read Magnus’ bio at the “Speakers” section the NASBP 2016 Annual Meeting App. Download the App from