NASBP Presents Awards at 2022 NASBP Annual Meeting

2021-2022 NASBP President Tracy Tucker presented the NASBP Bruce T. Wallace Award and the John “Jack” J. Curtin, Jr. President’s Award at the 2022 NASBP Annual Meeting & Expo. The Surety Industry Awards were also announced at the Meeting.

NASBP Awards

The Bruce T. Wallace Award was established in 1990 in memory of the Association’s first executive vice president, who served for over 29 years, and is awarded by the Executive Committee to an individual who has distinguished himself or herself through years of exceptional service to NASBP and to the surety industry. The recipient is an individual who has performed throughout his or her career in accordance with the highest ethical standards and demonstrated a service characterized by commitment, consistency, intensity, and impact. This year there were two winners: Steve Anderson (left), now retired from NASBP Affiliate SwissRe in Schaumberg, IL, and Spence Miller (right), now retired from NASBP Member NFP Property & Casualty Services, Inc. in Chicago, IL.

Steve Anderson  Spence Miller with Tracy Tucker

Mark Munekawa with Tracy TuckerThe John “Jack” J. Curtin, Jr. President’s Award honors an individual, who is chosen by the NASBP President for his or her outstanding service contributions during the President’s term to the Association and to the surety industry. The award was first presented in 2007 to John "Jack" J. Curtin, Jr., for whom the award is named. This year's winner was Mark Munekawa of Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. in San Francisco, CA.

Surety Industry Awards

NASBP and SFAA Surety Industry Awards recognize surety professionals for their promotion of contract surety bonds in construction. By promoting the value and benefits of surety bonds, members help establish positive awareness of the surety product. Winners of the Silver Award and Advocacy Award were announced.

The Silver Award is given to Local Surety Associations (LSAs) that conduct at least five public relations and educational activities in a calendar year that promote the use of contract surety bonds in construction to non-surety, non-insurance or non-lawyer audiences. Three LSAs were honored this year:

Florida Surety AssociationFlorida Surety Association made educational presentations to government officials, contractors, and accountants, covering topics such as the process and benefits of bonding, avoiding claims, contract dispute resolution, vetting subcontractors, and more.

Surety Association of OhioSurety Association of Ohio made bonding presentations to minority contractors, Michigan DOT, USDOT SBTRC Great Lakes Region, and more.

Rocky Mountain Surety AssociationRocky Mountain Surety Association presented to owners, emerging and minority contractors, students, and more on the basics of bonding, how the pandemic has affected bonding, onerous bond forms, the benefits of bonded subcontractors, and more.

The Advocacy Award recognizes LSAs that conduct significant activities advocating for suretyship, other than public relations or educational activities, such as fighting legislative efforts to waive bonds or to increase bond thresholds or advocating for reasonable bond forms. Four LSAs were honored this year:

Florida Surety AssocationFlorida Surety Association contacted multiple county and city government departments regarding member concerns, such as long-term warranties, consequential damages language in bond forms, on-demand payment language in bond forms, and more.

Surety Association of GeorgiaSurety Association of Georgia contacted state, county, and city officials regarding member concerns, including GA SB 169, bid bond requirements, and more.

Surety Association of Puerto RicoSurety Association of Puerto Rico advocated for the surety industry in Puerto Rico by meeting with local government agencies on issues like long-term warranties and bond forms.

Rocky Mountain Surety Association Rocky Mountain Surety Association met with legislators regarding onerous bond forms and damaging legislation to the surety industry. Also, it met with the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission about surety bonds.

Congratulations to all the winners!