New ConsensusDocs Videos Describe How to Create Project Documents


New ConsensusDocs Videos Describe Steps to Sign-up and Create Project Documents

With the recent update and redesign of the ConsensusDocs website, ConsensusDocs published the following 10 videos that describe how to access and setup your ConsensusDocs Project Documents using the 100 ConsensusDocs standard form contract documents. Also, if you missed it, in the last issue of Pipeline, the article by Amy Hager, Director at ConsensusDocs, gives some insight concerning the updates to the ConsensusDocs technology and how they came about. 

  1. Getting Started with ConsensusDocs (1:04 minutes) 
  2. How to Sign Into ConsensusDocs (0:51 minutes) 
  3. How to Set Up Your Master Template in ConsensusDocs (1:51 minutes) 
  4. Adding and Deleting Information from Your ConsensusDocs Contract in Microsoft Word (1:40 minutes) 
  5. How To Start a New Project with ConsensusDocs (0:55 minutes) 
  6. How to Add and Create a Contract in a ConsensusDocs Project (1:27 minutes) 
  7. How To Add a Favorite ConsensusDocs Contract to a Project (1:08 minutes) 
  8. How to Edit ConsensusDocs Contract Documents in Microsoft Word (3:13 minutes) 
  9. How to Upload Your Edited Word Document to the ConsensusDocs Site (1:10 minutes)
  10. How to Finalize a ConsensusDocs Contract and Create a PDF (0:53 minutes) 

Free Pre-qualification & Bond Forms Package of Forms
Remember that any new accounts created with ConsensusDocs will instantly have the free Pre-qualification & Bond Forms package of forms, as well as access to sample documents and the ability to collaborate with other ConsensusDocs users. In addition to the 11 ConsensusDocs bond forms, listed below, the package includes these pre-qualification forms: 220, 221, 222, 421, and 721. 

Eleven ConsensusDocs Bond Forms

1. ConsensusDocs 260: Performance Bond Form (coordinated with agreements between contractor and owner)
2. ConsensusDocs 261: Payment Bond Form (coordinated with agreements between contractor and owner)
3. ConsensusDocs 262: Bid Bond
4. ConsensusDocs 263: Warranty Bond (coordinated for the agreements between contractor and owner)
5. ConsensusDocs 470: Design-Build Performance Bond (Surety Liable for Design Costs)
6. ConsensusDocs 471: Design-Build Performance Bond (Surety Not Liable for Design Costs)
7. ConsensusDocs 472: Design-Build Payment Bond (Surety Liable for Design Costs)
8. ConsensusDocs 473: Design-Build Payment Bond (Surety Not Liable for Design Costs)
9. ConsensusDocs 706: Subcontract Performance Bond
10. ConsensusDocs 707: Subcontract Payment Bond
11. ConsensusDocs 760: Subcontract Bid Bond

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