Helping the Community Understand Surety with NASBP Producer Communications Toolkit 2.0

The NASBP Producer Communications Toolkit 2.0 has a wealth of resources for NASBP bond producers to use to convey the importance of construction surety bonds. Many of these are targeted to a certain construction project stakeholder, such as owners, lenders, architects, or contractors. If you’re looking for something to share that emphasizes the impact surety bonding has on the "project community" of stakeholders see the first video below. If you are interested in videos about how surety bonding impacts communities in general, including our towns and cities and every day lives, consider the second and third NASBP Surety Story Videos below.

NASBP Be Guaranteed to Succeed Surety Story Videos

Construction and Surety: Better Together” Surety Story Video

Contractors workingThe newest NASBP Surety Story Video, which debuted at the 2022 NASBP Annual Meeting & Expo, highlights how construction and surety go hand in hand. Construction projects require managing risks, with the many moving parts and logistics, and a relationship with a bond producer who knows the work and what the company is trying to accomplish, will help mitigate those risks. “When we’re all paddling in the same direction, we can’t help but be successful.”

We’re All Building Something” Surety Story Video

a BridgeThis NASBP Surety Story Video focuses on how surety bonds reduce risk and bring stability during times of uncertainty. “We Are All Building Something: a career, a home, a family, a life.” Surety bonds ensure the right people are on the right jobs, in the hopes of creating something great and ensuring project success.

NASBP Surety Anthem” Surety Story Video

Viewing a construction projectConstruction projects impact the community at every stage. This NASBP Surety Story points out that many highways, parks, and commercial buildings that are integral to our community experience wouldn’t exist without the efforts of contractors who constructed them by collaborating with their surety team of surety bond producers, surety underwriters, and construction CPAs.

These NASBP Be Guaranteed To Succeed Surety Story Videos showcase the importance of surety bonds to everyone—construction project stakeholders and community members alike. They are great resources to share on social media and other places where your audience may be more varied.


Be Guaranteed To SucceedThe videos highlighted above are just some of the valuable free resources NASBP bond producers will find to help them promote the surety product to construction project stakeholders, including project owners, lenders, architects, and contractors Visit the NASBP Producer Communications Toolkit 2.0 to learn more here: Check out NASBP's social media post every Friday to stay in the know about the NASBP Toolkit 2.0 Resources. #BeGuaranteedToSucceed #surety.