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“Submit It and Get It” Experience for Surety Agents: Automation that Underscores the Importance of Surety Agents, While Providing Deeper Insights into Contractor Data
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Surety bond brokers are tasked with getting a competitive quote fast and efficient. Brokers wear many hats, from administrators doing the day-to-day issuance of bonds to relationship managers matching surety underwriters with owners and navigating the needs versus wants of everyone in between. Brokers even don the hat of a CPA in evaluating the current and projected financial position of contractors. So how do surety bond brokers stay competitive? How do you maintain efficiency, rise above the sea of agents- and provide the right insights, to the right parties, fast?

Crowe LLP is excited to formally promote the focused agent offering portion of our Crowe Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties and Agents (CPASA). “Submit it and Get it” is the experience we have fashioned for agents regarding the standardization of contractor financial data and production of a presentation-ready display of key metrics. Save time by utilizing our patented Financial Data Automation (FDA®) technology to eliminate hand keying of financial statements and job schedules. Shift your focus to providing deeper insights on contractor financial position. To aide agents in accomplishing this quickly, we have incorporated Microsoft Power BI into CPASA to display performance data in a visually effective way and create an “at a glance” dashboard experience.

Crowe is providing agents a modernized hands-off experience. Simply submit a contractor’s financial information, then view the client ready financial highlights dashboard. This dashboard will highlight key metrics, risk ratings and peer comparisons to evaluate the contractor’s financial position. The dashboard is a one-stop shop for agent meetings regarding the financial position of a client. In addition to account insights and your own portfolio insights, Crowe offers a comparison of accounts to industry benchmarks. Crowe’s industry peer data reservoir is continually growing and is currently sourced from thousands of contractor financial statements. The industry peer data analysis adds a unique and powerful dimension to compliment an agent’s experience.

Contact us to learn more about the “Submit it and Get it” experience through FDA and our web-based solution, CPASA. Allow us to execute the tedious tasks of producing standardized data and routine financial analysis while you shift your focus to the industry’s intimate needs of client relationship building and decision making. Rise above the rest with deeper insights and efficiency through automation.

Kristen Sharpe, CPA
Product Manager
Crowe LLP
Jackson Long
Lead Business Analyst
Crowe LLP

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