Surety Innovation Center


2023 Edition

The virtual Surety Innovation Center
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The 2023 NASBP virtual Surety Innovation Center features the innovators shown below.
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Insurance Automation Group (Booth #20)

Advanced Digital Technologies Brings New Efficiencies and Benefits to the Surety Value Chain
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Crowe (Booth #12)

“Submit It and Get It” Experience for Surety Agents: Automation that Underscores the Importance of Surety Agents, While Providing Deeper Insights into Contractor Data
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InRev (Booth #22)

The Modern Surety Bond Underwriter
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The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative (Booth #5)

The insurance industry’s largest member-led non-profit blockchain consortium aiming to streamline data flow and verification, while reducing time, cost, and risk.
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PledgX (Booth #17)

PledgX Helps You Manage Risk and Service in Surety Bonding by Turning Data into AI-driven Actionable Insights
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Tinubu (Booth #18)

Which is Better: Building Your Own Surety Technology Solution or Buying One Off-the-Shelf?
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Xenex (Booth #15)

Eyes on Technology in the Surety Industry
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