Surety Supports Owners

Surety bonds provide business advantages.
Requiring contractors to use surety bonds provides advantages that protect your project.
Surety bonds—
  • Ensure you are dealing with a vetted, qualified construction firm.
  • Reduce your financial risk by guaranteeing performance of the contract.
  • Mitigate non-payment of subcontractors and suppliers, so liens are not placed against private property.

Surety bonds help you sleep at night.
Surety bonds effectively help address project risk.
Surety bonds—
  • Focus on successful outcomes.
  • Are inexpensive relative to the magnitude of the risk being transferred to the surety.
  • Give owners peace-of-mind when undertaking the complexities of a construction project,
    especially when one-in-four construction firms may fail.
  • Are smart business.

NASBP bond producers are happy to speak with anyone needing information about surety bond relationships. To find a dedicated NASBP surety professional near you, click 'Speak with a Surety Pro'.