Surety Stories

Be Guaranteed to Succeed
Surety Stories
Our video series tells personal stories which convey the power and importance of surety and surety relationships towards business success.

Construction and Surety: Better Together

Be Guaranteed to Succeed

Infrastructure and surety bonding are better together: Bonded contractors deliver the projects that taxpayers pay for and deserve.

John Sutika

Penn Highlands DuBois Regional Medical Center

John Sutika shares why surety bonds are crucial safety nets for construction projects undertaken by a large regional medical center. Surety bonds offer vital assurances that construction obligations will be completed, ensuring that needed facilities can provide communities with local critical care. With surety bonds in place, key projects and community interests can “Be Guaranteed to Succeed.”

We're All Building Something

Be Guaranteed to Succeed

"We're All Building Something" cuts to the true bottom line--we all want to protect what matters and accomplish what's important. Surety bonds reduce risk and help build that success, enabling our efforts to "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Alex E. Paris

Alex E. Paris Contracting

Alex Paris of Alex E. Paris Contracting describes how trust and relationships can keep bonding secure, even when the unexpected happens. According to this construction industry veteran, bonds and bonding relationships help construction companies "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

John Field, Jr.

Punahou School

John Field shares the role surety has played in allowing the Punahou School of Honolulu, Hawaii to successfully serve the community for many of its over 175 year history. John recognizes the importance of a dedicated school community to thrive and counts on surety to ensure that the Punahou School will continue to grow and "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Brian Moore

Central Pacific Bank

Brian Moore of Central Pacific Bank requires a surety bond before the bank will finance construction projects. Knowing your customer means understanding what is required to ensure success, and Brian knows that surety helps all parties to "Be Guaranteed To Succeed."

Robert Majerus

Hensel Phelps Construction

Robert Majerus of Hensel Phelps Construction explains how requiring surety bonds for subcontractors' work in the end protects both the primary contractor and the entire project, ensuring that they will "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Dan Nishikawa

First Hawaiian Bank

Dan Nishikawa of First Hawaiian Bank conveys the importance surety holds in creating value for project owners and their lenders, helping all parties to "Be Guaranteed To Succeed," even if an unexpected setback affects the project's completion.

Dean Hirabayashi

American Savings Bank

Dean Hirabayashi of American Savings Bank speaks about the importance of construction to the health and future of a community, and the importance of surety bonding so that nothing gets in the way of the project's success. For Dean, a bonded contractor means that the builder is highly qualified and the project can "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

NASBP Surety Anthem

Why work with a Surety Pro and use surety bonds for your next project? Construction professionals provide the answers in this video, passing on lessons learned on how to "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Shane Brown

Plante Moran

Shane Brown of Plante Moran, a firm providing tax, accounting and business advisory services to construction related enterprises, relates what he has learned over the years about the value of surety to an industry as entrepreneurial as construction, and how surety and surety brokers have helped those firms "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Shaun Egan

Iron Woman Construction

Find out how surety and surety relationships have helped Iron Woman Construction diversify and transform their business and helped it to "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Dick Brasher

Concrete Works

Dick Brasher talks about the support and business value surety and a surety relationship has provided contractor Concrete Works, allowing it to focus on delivering quality services and project results, helping to ensure that Concrete Works will "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

David Mik & Hilary Tigue

Power Engineering Construction Company

David Mik & Hilary Tigue of Power Engineering Construction Company explain the value of a surety relationship towards the success of their marine construction firm. The San Francisco Ferry Terminal is the scenic backdrop against which they convey the importance to "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Ken Wenham

Roebbelen Contracting

Growing a business can present new challenges each day, especially in the construction industry. Ken Wenham recalls how his surety partners have supported his business, Roebbelen Contracting, and him, to "Be Guaranteed to Succeed."

Rich Zito

DMZ Builders

"Be Guaranteed to Succeed." Surety can help your business succeed, even when conditions could mean otherwise. Making this personal, Rich Zito conveys what surety has meant to DMZ Builders.