Educate New Clients, Direct Them to Free Contractor Bonding Education Course

Contractor Bonding Education Course homepageNASBP has many resources for bond producers to share with current and prospective small and emerging contractor clients to help them on the path to surety credit. First and foremost of these resources is the NASBP & SFAA Contractor Bonding Education & Mentoring Program.

This free program helps small, new, emerging, minority-owned, and other disadvantaged contractors learn how to qualify for construction surety bonds. The Contractor Bonding Education & Mentoring Program includes eLearning modules that are available 24/7 and can be taken on demand at the learner's pace and an optional mentor program with industry professionals who can provide practical advice and recommendations for mentees to follow in their efforts to achieve bonding.

Course Intro to PathsThe eLearning modules include three pathways: one for contractors who are looking to begin with transactional bonding only, another for those who will require an on-going bonding relationship, and a third that encompasses the entire set of modules.

This curriculum will help your contractor client prepare to qualify for its first surety bond. The modules offer interactive learning using videos, activities, and knowledge check questions. There is also a selection of checklists and resources available for download.

Sharing this curriculum with your new and prospective contractor clients gives them a leg up in establishing or growing their surety bond programs. Share this detailed publication about the Program and help your small and emerging contractor clients sign up today! 

NASBP also offers NASBP SuretyLearn for Contractors, a collection of NASBP Virtual Seminars and Podcast episodes, as well as many tools and resources tailored for small contractors. The NASBP Producer Communications Toolkit 2.0 features resources that help bond producers communicate the value of surety bonding to contractors.