Build Stronger Relationships by Building Your Sales Skills!

NASBP Sales Workshop LogoWhen speaking with surety professionals, you often hear a common theme that surety is a relationship business. One of those important relationships on both the agency and the company side is the sales relationship. Although some may believe that great sales skills are innate, that is not so, according to sales and leadership expert, Ryan Estis. When Co-Hosts Kat Shamapande and Mark McCallum chatted with Estis on a recent Let’s Get Surety® podcast, he shared that sales skills are a “skill set that can be studied, practiced, and I think ultimately, if you master it, you can have career success for life.” To help develop sales skills, NASBP offers various resources and educational opportunities.

One such resource is the NASBP Sales Workshop, designed to help surety bond producers and underwriters refine their sales and marketing processes by learning strategies from and practices used by top surety producers and underwriters! Participants will complete the MCORE assessment to identify their unique pattern of motivated behavior. The NASBP Sales Workshop presenters will help participants understand how to use the assessment to achieve better outcomes! NASBP has expanded the Workshop to include an additional module that takes what participants learn in the course's first module and guides them through a brainstorming process to build a personal social marketing strategy. During this module, the presenter leads participants through various marketing platforms—social media, email marketing, newsletters, websites, blogs, and live presentations—and explains how they can be effective. The presenter will describe the types of content and targeted audiences for each platform, as well as how to develop a marketing calendar. Also, the module will address the tools and techniques that simplify the process of building a social marketing strategy. The Sales Workshop Faculty bring their experience in both Contract and Commercial Surety and from both the agency and company side to bear during class discussions.

NASBP Sales Workshop FacultyNASBP Sales Workshop Faculty, clockwise from top left: Jonathan Paul, consultant and strategist; Lawrence F. McMahon, Executive Vice President and Surety Manager at Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.; Amanda Weiss, Senior Vice President at DUAL Surety; and Corban Enns, Area Vice President at Surety Solutions, a Gallagher Company.

The NASBP Sales Workshop, scheduled September 24-25 in New Orleans, LA, offers practical, actionable practices that can be implemented immediately. Seats are limited, so interested individuals are encouraged to
register early for this valuable opportunity, and stay for NASBP’s 2024 East Meeting which kicks off the evening of September 25! 

For even more sales and marketing education and resources, check out this exciting collection of NASBP resources below!

Let’s Get Surety®

Episode #105 Brilliant Game of Confidence and Relationships: Talking Sales With Ryan Estis.

Surety Bond Quarterly Sales Articles 

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Building Your Personal Brand Can Give You Powerful Results

NASBP Virtual Seminars Focused on Sales and Marketing topics: 

Personal Branding: Becoming a Surety Influencer, with Mike Bond of Markel and Courtney Decroes of AssuredPartners

Systems Thinking (Or Systems of Attention): How Surety Bond Producers Can Build And Nurture Client Relationships During Challenging Times, with Author and Leadership Speaker, Neen James

Riding the Wave of Change: The Hi-Tech Human Connection, with Carol Doscher and Kurt Robbins of GraceWorks

Growing a Credible, Powerful Personal Brand Online with Krista Neher of Boot Camp Digital 

Engaging the Marketplace: The Most Critical Component of Your Sales Force, Sales Consultant and Strategist Jonathan Paul