NASBP SuretyJobs Videos Highlight Why Surety Is a Great Career

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NASBP SuretyJobs helps match bond producers, surety companies, CPA firms, and other surety and insurance industry companies with qualified candidates seeking a job. 

NASBP SuretyJobs also offers numerous resources gathered in one place not only for job seekers but also for those that are interested in professional development opportunities and learning more about their field.

One way to help your company find the best job candidates—get the word out about the surety industry! NASBP has created four videos, recorded at a prior year's NASBP Annual Meeting & Expo, that highlight surety careers using NASBP surety professionals’ testimonials. These are great to share on social media, in emails, and anywhere potential hires may be looking for information on surety.

What Do You Love About Your Surety Career?
In this video, surety professionals share why they love their jobs and the surety industry. Let potential new hires know that surety is a unique, growing field where each day is different and there is always the opportunity to learn new things.

How Is Surety Rewarding?
Listen to this long-time surety bond producer as he shares some of the many reasons why a career in surety is great! He highlights relationship-building as a key benefit of a career in surety. Relationships with clients, colleagues, peers, and other stakeholders drive the surety industry, and the satisfaction from building those  connections is a great reward. He also discusses the diversity of a bond producer’s daily work and financial gains as some of the other important perks of a surety career.

What Bonding Agencies Look for in New Hires
This video shares insights from bonding agency leaders and personnel on what traits and skills they are looking for in job applicants. They stress that an applicant’s background is secondary to the person’s desire to learn, to build relationships, and to help people solve problems.

What Is a Surety Company Looking For?
Listen to these surety executives describe the qualities they look for in new employees. The executives emphasize the importance of communication and hard work in an underwriter’s skillset. They note, similarly to the bonding agencies, that “surety is a really interesting thing—we can teach that to them,” but the applicant needs ambition and determination to succeed.

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