Saving Lives is Everyone's Responsibility

2CIAFSP-logo.jpgAs a member of the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention, NASBP believes in the mission of creating a zero-suicide industry.

Workplaces that adhere to a strong culture of safety set a goal of zero workplace-related fatalities. Suicide is no exception. What if construction industry leaders believed that suicide could be eliminated and did everything in their power to prevent it?

In construction, many lives are lost to suicide and workers to depression and substance abuse. This topic demands our attention. Not only is there a profound human cost, but also there is loss of economic strength as companies wrestle with absenteeism, presenteeism, and loss of productivity.

Take a few minutes of your time now to read Construction + Suicide Prevention:  10 Action Steps Companies Can Take, which reinforces the belief that suicide prevention is a shared responsibility of all leaders, regardless of functional responsibilities.

Many other resources are available on the Alliance’s web page, including posters for workplace/jobsites and more articles on suicide prevention and why construction is such an at-risk industry.

Please, take the time to review this potentially life-saving information. NASBP looks forward to more companies in the construction industry joining this important movement by leading worker safety programs, improving mental wellness, and preventing death by suicide.

Contractors have many resources available to create a work culture to support their employees' mental health issues, including the resources at CFMA’s webpage. Questions? Feel free to reach out to NASBP at or Kathy Hoffman, NASBP Director of Communications, at with any questions about NASBP's support of the Construction Industry Alliance.

This Pipeline article is one of a series of NASBP articles on suicide prevention in the construction industry. NASBP is a member of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention and committed to promote awareness of mental health and suicide prevention in the construction industry. NASBP, CFMA and other stakeholders in construction are participating in an industry-wide movement to help everyone better understand how to prevent suicide among the construction industry’s workforce and to improve the mental health of its employees.