Federal Resources

In the U.S. Congress, NASBP’s top priority is to advocate for the preservation and protection of the Federal Miller Act (40 USCA §3131 et seq), which mandates that payment and performance bonds on federal construction projects are required before any contract exceeding $150,000 is awarded for the construction, alteration or repair of any public building or public work of the United States. Enacted in 1935, the Federal Miller Act ensures that vital federal construction projects are completed, and subcontractors and suppliers are paid, and taxpayer funds are protected. NASBP accomplishes this by educating legislators as well as federal agency officials regarding the crucial public policy reasons underlying bid, performance, and payment bond requirements in relation to public works and infrastructure projects.

NASBP’s Political Action Committee, SuretyPAC, is the oldest federal PAC that is 100% devoted to representing the surety industry and establishing and nurturing relationships with candidates running for congressional office.

NASBP has undertaken great efforts to increase its visibility on Capitol Hill to advocate its federal government relations agenda and to remind elected officials and their staff about the important role surety bonds play in our Nation’s economy.

NASBP on the Hill
NASBP staff, members, affiliates, and associates testify on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Positions Briefs
To pursue legislative and regulatory objectives, the NASBP Government Relations team has developed position briefs on issues of concern to NASBP and for use during NASBP visits to Congressional offices.

NASBP Government Relations 2023 Agenda
This Agenda describes important government relations activities and initiatives, grouping them in three categories: (1) Direct Advocacy by NASBP members and/or staff, (2) Working with Coalition Partners to accomplish stated legislative goals, and (3) by using NASBP Advocacy Tools as another means to achieve a legislative solution. 

Construction Procurement Caucus Brief
The members of the Construction Industry Procurement Coalition (CIPC) are seeking members of Congress interested in federal procurement to establish a congressional caucus known as the “Construction Procurement Caucus" (CPC). The goal of CPC is to promote commonsense design and construction services and procurement reforms that benefit the government, taxpayers, and businesses. 

Construction Procurement Caucus "Dear Colleague" Letter
This "Dear Colleauge" letter was sent to House congressional members, asking them to join the Construction Procurement Caucus. 

An Evergreen Document To Understanding P3s and Bonding
This document details the history and importance of surety bonds and public private-partnerships (P3), as well as the importance of including bonds on the nation's infrastructure projects.