NASBP’s SuretyPAC Is the Oldest Federal PAC 100% Devoted to Representing the Surety Industry

NASBP’s Political Action Committee, SuretyPAC, is the oldest federal PAC that is 100% devoted to representing the surety industry and establishing and nurturing relationships with candidates running for congressional office. For more information about the SuretyPAC, please contact Larry LeClair, Advocacy Specialist.

View and fill out the NASBP SuretyPAC Prior Approval form by clicking here

SuretyPAC Facts

1. The SuretyPAC can only directly solicit for voluntary contributions from agencies and sureties that have given their authorization to the SuretyPAC. Firms can provide this authorization by having the NASBP key contact for the firm complete the SuretyPAC prior approval form. A firm can authorize only one PAC during a calendar year. Complete and submit the SuretyPAC Prior Approval Form.

2. The NASBP SuretyPAC supports candidates, regardless of their political party, who understand the value that surety bonding brings to the efficient functioning of government and commerce, benefiting their communities and constituencies.

3. Since 1995, SuretyPAC has made distributions to congressional candidates. These disbursements are vital for NASBP to have access to members of the U.S. Congress and influence federal legislative decision-making. The importance of the SuretyPAC continues to grow every year.

4. SuretyPAC contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions or business expenses for Federal or State income taxes purposes. Contributions are subject to limitations of FEC regulations Section 110.1, 110.2 and 110.5.

5. All contributions must be in the form of a personal check. Contributions from corporations are illegal. SuretyPAC contributions are not limited to the suggested amount. Neither the SuretyPAC nor NASBP will favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amounts or failure to make SuretyPAC contributions.

6. SuretyPAC contribution cycles are based on federal election cycles; thus, the cycles occur every two years.

Important Note: SuretyPAC contributions should be mailed to the NASBP Office:

NASBP Government Relations
7735 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 900
Bethesda, MD 20814