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By Kathryn Doran posted 07-28-2020 11:19 AM


Mark McCallum and Kat ShamapandeNASBP's new, free podcast, “Let’s Get Surety!,” provides NASBP members another valuable resource to help educate clients about the surety product.

Launched in early March 2020, the new NASBP podcast “Let’s Get Surety!,”  features industry leaders and experts opening up and sharing an insider perspective about the surety industry. NASBP's host Kat Shamapande and fun co-hosts and guests bond over bonding and discuss the world of surety and how it affects and improves our everyday lives!

If you’ve missed any episodes, now is a great time to catch up! Below are links to all the episodes of “Let’s Get Surety” to date with a short description. Share pertinent episodes with colleagues or clients--even on social media!

Free Episodes of the NASBP “Let’s Get Surety!" Podcast

Ken_Wenham_of_Roebbelen.pngEpisode 1, A Look at NASBP’s Be Guaranteed to Succeed Campaign and Surety Stories:
NASBP staff members Mark McCallum and Kathy Hoffman describe the NASBP Be Guaranteed to Succeed Campaign and resources in the Campaign's "NASBP Producer Communications Toolkit," which NASBP designed to help members start a conversation about surety with stakeholders including owners, lenders, architects, and contractors. This NASBP Podcast Episode also showcases a few of the engaging Surety Story Videos that members are invited to use in their social media posts, websites, and emails. Since this Podcast was released in March, many more materials have been added to the NASBP Toolkit in Version 2.0. Remember to login to check it in the drop down menu under "Resources" here:

NASBP Podcast RecordingJosh_and_Edin.pngEpisode 2, Social Media and Surety: Stories from the Field:
Josh Etemadi and Edin Zukanovic (pictured right with Kat Shamapande and Mark McCallum) of Construction Bonds, Inc. a Division of Murray share their insights and stories on how they have used social media and social marketing to promote the surety product, build relationships with clients and sell more bonds!

CallahanJack_for_art.jpgEpisode 3, Steps for Contractors to Take Now and Rundown of Federal Relief Programs To-Date:
Jack Callahan CPA, Partner—Construction Industry Leader at CohnReznick shares action items that contractors should be considering now due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter_Quinn.pngEpisode 4, Surety in This New World: Focusing on the People and Moving Forward:
Peter Quinn, Senior Vice President of Major Markets—Surety at Crum & Forster, shares how he and the team at Crum & Forster are getting back to business and keeping the focus on people and relationships during these unprecedented times. We discuss working and meeting remotely, digital seals and more. 

Corban_Enns.jpgEpisode 5, Making the Case for the Value of Electronic Bonding:
Corban Enns, Area Vice President, Surety Solutions a Gallagher Company, shares experiences with and insights into the electronic bonding system, NMLS, and what helped lead stakeholders to transition to and value electronic bonds. He describes how the NMLS could be an example that could be used to streamline other types of bonds processes, especially in light of the remote work world in which we find ourselves.

Mike Zisa Working From Homefor-web-Mike-Zisa.gifEpisode 6, Taking a Closer Look at Force Majeure Clauses in Today’s Environment:
Mike Zisa, (pictured right with his family) Chair of the Surety and Construction Related Insurance Defense Practice Group at Peckar & Abramson shares insights into understanding force majeure clauses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation touches on reviewing contracts, communications with owners, giving notice, and documentation. Additionally, Zisa highlights that there may be other avenues for recovery in existing contracts, so careful contract review is warranted.

John_and_Brian.pngEpisode 7, Federal Construction Contracts and Excusable Delays:
Guests John Sebastian and Brian Padove, attorneys with Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP, discuss Federal Construction Contracts and more specifically the Federal Acquisition Regulation or FAR in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. They share insights into when and how to provide notice, the burden of proof, suspension of work, and the sovereign acts doctrine. They the importance of reviewing your current contract documents and taking the pandemic into consideration as you move forward with new contracts during these uncertain times.

Demeyer_and_Orsolits.pngEpisode 8
, Seamlessly Managing the New Normal in the Workplace:
Lori Demeyer and Kim Orsolits with CLA share their insights into managing the workplace without pandemonium during the COVID-19 pandemic and moving forward in the new world. They give an HR perspective on policy review, tailor-made plans that work best for each workplace, and resources to help employees manage higher levels of stress. In addition, they discuss planning for both coming into our offices or job sites and teleworking.

David-Robbins-8D33958C70DC880.jpgEpisode 9, Stimulus Law Paycheck Protection Program and False Claims Act Risk:
David Robbins of Jenner & Block shares his insights into the COVID-19 stimulus law Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the False Claims Act Risk. He discusses the safe harbor time frame, what to expect from impending audits and enforcement, and lessons learned from past disasters and from the first round of PPP fund disbursements.

xavier.jpgEpisode 10, The Paycheck Protection program (PPP) from a CPA’s Perspective:
Julian Xavier with CLA shares his insights into the COVID-19 stimulus law Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) from a CPA’s perspective. He gives a high-level overview of the PPP loan, what happens once you receive the funds, what’s covered or not covered, FTE requirements, the importance of tracking the funds, safe harbor, and steps for forgiveness.

TomSchleifer.pngEpisode 11, Surviving Business Downturns in the Construction Industry:
Dr. Tom Schleifer, retired construction executive, Arizona State University professor, and author of the blog, “Let’s Talk Business”, shares insights into how construction firms can survive the current COVID-19 crisis and the economic downturn hitting the construction industry. He cautions contractors to be wary of the "wait and see" model of managing the current downturn and to take a hard look now at cutting expenses to better weather this downturn. He discusses his analysis of current data and compares it to the data and models from past economic downturns in the construction industry. 

Petergibbs.pngEpisode 12, A Closer Look at the SBA’s Bonding Guarantee Program:
Guest Peter Gibbs, Director, Office of Surety Guarantees at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), shares insights into the SBA’s Bonding Assistance Program and how the Program is helping contractors. He shares some history of the program and news of exciting updates, and he outlines both Plan A and Plan B programs. He also highlights how the support for the Program through the participation of  surety bond producers and surety companies has helped the Program grow!

Kat Shamapande and Aldo PasquarielloAldo_P_-8921_original__1_.jpgEpisode 13, Class Act: How Surety Team’s Cooperative Claim Efforts Enable School to Open on Time:
Aldo Pasquariello, (pictured right with Kat Shamapande) Executive Vice President with Insurance Associates an MMA Company, walks through a case study of a local high school project strained by a subcontractor that defaulted. He discusses how this project could have become a disaster, but due to the cooperative efforts of the surety team facilitating a speedy resolution, it became an unqualified success!

Kat Shamapande, Mark McCallum, and Martha PerkinsEpisode 14, Alternatives that Ain’t: A Closer Look at Individual Sureties:
NASBP CEO Mark McCallum and General Counsel Martha Perkins (both pictured right with Kat Shamapande) share insights into individual sureties and relate the telltale signs of when to be wary. They also remind listeners why you should Always Verify Your Bond!

CallahanJack_for_art.jpgEpisode 15, Paycheck Protection Program: Flexibility, Updates, and Guidance—Part 1 of 2:
Jack Callahan CPA, Partner—Construction Industry Leader at CohnReznick, for the first of a two-part series on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), discusses the updates and changes that have come out as of June 26, 2020, including changes to the covered period, Loan Forgiveness and EZ Forgiveness Applications, changes in the ratio of forgivable costs, deferral of payroll taxes, full time equivalent (FTE) Reduction Exceptions, Safe Harbors, and the changes on the maturity of the loan. Callahan emphasizes the importance of documentation and audits.

CallahanJack_for_art.jpgEpisode 16, Paycheck Protection Program and Surety Bonding—Part 2 of 2:
Jack Callahan CPA, Partner—Construction Industry Leader at CohnReznick, for the second of a two-part series on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), discusses what the PPP means for bonding companies. Callahan examines how contractors' PPP loan debt and deferred payroll taxes will appear on their financial statements and may show the need to re-evaluate the ratios that are used to examine contractors' financials.

Chad.jpgEpisode 17
, A Closer Look at Commercial Surety Account Bankruptcy:
Chad Schexnayder is a partner with the law firm of Jennings, Haug & Cunningham, LLP and regularly represents surety clients in bankruptcy cases throughout the United States. Schexnayder takes a look at commercial surety account bankruptcy and walks through the commercial surety account sectors that are being hit hardest by bankruptcy. He points out "red flags" to be aware of before a company files for bankruptcy; explains how sureties can work to avoid “claw back;” and describes the importance of documentation and communication between the surety, bond producer. and commercial surety client to control risk!

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