CICPAC Executive Director John Corcoran Retires

By Kathy Hoffman posted 08-01-2017 04:14 PM


John Corcoran for blog  
After working in the industry for more than 30 years, most recently serving as Executive Director of the Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association (CICPAC), John Corcoran has started his semi-retirement.

Born in the Chicago area, Corcoran passed the notoriously difficult CPA exam in 1969, receiving certification in Illinois before moving to Arizona in 1972 to work in public accounting.

In 1984 Corcoran accepted a position as CFO of a construction company, where one of his major responsibilities involved communication with those in the surety field. It was then that he discovered the joy of working with people in the construction/finance space.

“I love the different people you meet in this industry—even more so with construction,” he said. “They are entrepreneurs who are risk-takers, they love what they’re doing, and they are very proud of what they do.”

Fast-forward more than 30 years, and Corcoran has built a network of CPAs who work in the construction industry. “I admire all of them, they add a lot to NASBP,” he said.

Corcoran himself has had a significant impact on NASBP. Since 1994, when he started his role as Executive Director of CICPAC, he’s been key to maintaining CICPAC’s strong relationship with NASBP and the surety industry.

The relationship between the two groups started when CICPAC began exhibiting at NASBP’s conferences. “We recognized that sureties and advisers were the strongest referral system you have in the construction industry,” he said. Though the relationship has evolved since then, CICPAC has continued as an exhibitor and sponsor at the conference over the last 12-15 years.

It was Corcoran’s idea for NASBP to start the CPA Advisory Council (CPAAC),  modeled on the success of the NASBP Attorney Advisory Council (AAC),  after he had learned about the ACC during a NASBP conference in 2015. Less than a month after he made the suggestion, he received a call from Martha Perkins, General Counsel at NASBP. Together, they put together a group of eight construction CPAs who provide articles, white papers, and presentations on construction finance and accounting for NASBP.

“Throughout his career and without hesitation, John has professed the value that bond producers provide contractors and their construction companies; and he has demonstrated this by ensuring that CICPAC exhibited at every NASBP Annual Meeting and that he attended all NASBP Regional Meetings,” said NASBP CEO Mark H. McCallum. “We are tremendously grateful for John’s steadfast support for and promotion of NASBP and its membership. John, your friends at NASBP will miss you.”

Corcoran currently serves as the founder of and ex officio on the CPAAC. “They reward me by letting me stick around,” he said, laughing.

As for his retirement plans, Corcoran said you won’t find him sitting on a porch in a rocking chair. In fact, he just returned from CICPAC’s 26th Annual Conference, held July 19–22 in Chicago, where CICPAC announced the selection of Kathleen Baldwin, CPA, CCIFP, as its new Executive Director.

“John is definitely a hard act to follow, but I will work diligently to continue upon the established momentum he has created,” Kathleen Baldwin, Executive Director, CICPAC, said. “Between advancing CICPAC and having a passion to build industry knowledge and relationships with wonderful organizations like NASBP, John and I will continue to work closely to ensure the connection to the construction industry’s valuable resources is everlasting.”

During his semi-retirement, Corcoran will work with CICPAC and the CPAAC on a consultation basis, remaining engaged in the industry. When he does find time for a break, Corcoran and his wife of 53 years, Barbara, likely will enjoy some travel.

For those looking to follow a similar career path, Corcoran said: “Enjoy the ride—there are ups and down in the construction industry as we’ve seen with the last recession, but you’re not going to meet finer people.”