Stay-At-Home Orders and Work Restrictions with 50 State Matrix


By Y. Lisa Colon, Sarah E. Carson, Matthew E. Cox, Karissa L. Fox, Alexander Gorelik, Jeanne M Harrison, S. Gregory Joy, Daniel F. McLennon, Jacob W. Scott, G. Scott Walters, and Brian S. Wood of Smith Currie & Hancock LLP

Published: April 3, 2020


As each day of the coronavirus pandemic passes, more and more states, cities and counties across the country are implementing stay-at-home (or shelter-in-place) orders and restrictions on individuals and businesses. These restrictions are impacting numerous persons and businesses, including those working in the construction industry. Smith Currie is keeping abreast of these restrictions and has developed the matrix below identifying statewide and local restrictions in place. This matrix is by no means complete, and we will continue updating it as we become aware of additional orders. In the write ups included with the PDF below, you will find links to the applicable orders with more detailed information. Consult legal counsel for advice on the impact of a particular restriction or restrictions to your business.


Stay-At-Home/Stay-In-Place Matrix, rev. 4/3/20

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