2023 Edition

InRev (Booth #22)

The Modern Surety Bond Underwriter
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inRev is the modern underwriter of small and medium contract surety bonds (up to $5M single bonds / $10M aggregate programs). Through a combination of proprietary technology and human touch, inRev enables agents to place bonds quickly and easily, all while keeping client data secure.

inRev uses a wholly proprietary API-first platform to automate the underwriting and issuance of contract surety bonds. The platform differentiates itself in a number of ways
  • Access: Agents can access the platform through inRev’s Agent Portal or by integrating with inRev’s API.
  • Speed and Simplicity: The Agent Portal pairs an intuitive, dynamic question set with lots of third party data to minimize data input and leverages advanced process automation to instantly generate indemnity agreements and bonds.
  • Underwriting: Underneath it all is a proprietary algorithm capable of determining likelihood of contractor default, indemnity requirements, and much more.
  • Security: inRev uses industrial grade security services and a zero trust privacy vault to protect sensitive data.

When an Agent submits a bond request, inRev’s platform gathers 3rd party data, evaluates the contractor and obligation, and returns terms to the Agent in seconds. When the Agent accepts terms, inRev’s platform can automatically populate and distribute indemnity agreements and bonds.

Agents can manage submissions, bonds and accounts from the platform’s dashboard, and when there’s more to the story than meets the data, inRev’s underwriters are always happy to take a call and learn more about a deal.

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Nick Benenati
Head of Surety