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NASBP Annual Highlights, published as a full color brochure at the end of the year, summarizes some of the many accomplishments of NASBP.


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Oh, what a year it has been!
The surety industry experienced another strong year of performance in 2018, ensuring that I and, I am sure, you stayed incredibly busy selling more bonds. This also was the year in which I became NASBP President. Writing this message has provided me with the excuse to stop for a rare minute and reflect on what personally has been a very gratifying year. I feel privileged to have served as the NASBP President since April, taking over for Howard Cowan, an incredibly dedicated NASBP leader and volunteer, and to have experienced the breadth of community and of activity that comprises our Association, NASBP. The pride in who we are professionally and what we do as an association fueled my desire to take our story “on the road” with meetings in Villanova, PA, and Hartford, CT. With the other executive committee members, we continued the process started several years ago to create a public relations campaign, “Be Guaranteed to Succeed,” that would acquaint stakeholders and the public with how surety brings success in many forms to businesses and to outcomes. I visited the new—and improved—NASBP office in Bethesda, MD; had coffee with my Maine Senator, Senator Angus King, at the NASBP Legislative Fly-in; presented to the entire Contract Documents Committee of the American Institute of Architects about the crucial importance of bond requirements; and presided at all of the NASBP Regional Meetings, among many other activities. What we undertake together is simply incredible and irreplaceable! In thinking about how to best describe my experience, I arrived at three “I” words that I believe describe it best: influence, image, and investment. The following pages define for you what I mean by those “I” words, and each I consider to be critical to “selling more bonds.”

Thank you for electing me as NASBP President, and thank you for sharing your passion about our shared industry and association!

Warmest regards,

Bob Shaw, NASBP President
President, Skillings Shaw & Associates, Inc.

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