Highlights: Year in Review

NASBP Highlights


NASBP Annual Highlights, published as a full color brochure at the end of the year, summarizes some of the many accomplishments of NASBP.


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The constraints of time are ever present in our personal and professional lives, so all of us constantly strive to do more in the face of seemingly less time. Time is a most precious commodity, and it appears most fleeting when its abundance is most needed. These life observations spurred the formulation of my theme this year — Make Every Minute Count. Several Past NASBP Presidents have advised that this year as NASBP President would come and go faster than I might imagine. As we approach the end of the first half of my term, I can certainly attest that time is moving faster than anticipated, which has increased my desire to make every minute of my service count for the surety community and NASBP.

I am particularly fortunate to be the current steward of NASBP’s public relations campaign, “Be Guaranteed to Succeed.” This multi-year effort is designed to bring awareness and visibility to the merits of surety bonding for its many stakeholders in the private market and public sectors nationwide. It requires considerable energy and attention in order to shape a positive future for the much needed and tremendously valuable surety product. The key tenets of our public relations activities are to make surety personal, connect surety emotionally, and demonstrate how surety contributes to success. In the spirit of the campaign, 2019 Highlights—The Year In Review, recounts through words, images, and pictures how NASBP is Making Every Minute Count with three primary objectives:
  • Build a positive reputation for surety
  • Build a thriving surety community
  • Build successful outcomes for all who benefit from surety bonds
Thank you for the encouragement and support you have contributed to our Association during the past year. I am proud to be a member of NASBP and am energized by the opportunity as President to Make Every Minute Count on your behalf.


John Bustard, NASBP President; and,
Senior Vice President, King & Neel, LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii

2019 NASBP Highlights: Year in Review Cover



Click here to download the .PDF version.

2019 Highlights: Year in Review