Online Ethics Course

SL-Online-ESBP.jpg Ethical behavior is crucial to preserving not only the trust on which transactions are based, but also the public’s trust in the surety industry as a whole. The National Association of Surety Bond Producers has created this unique course because the three-party relationships in surety bonding create situations that are more complex than traditional two-party insurance relationships. In order to address these situations, NASBP members and associates supplied real-life examples of ethical dilemmas they have encountered, enabling us to create our first CE-certified online course created by surety bond producers for surety bond producers. This unique learning module can be completed in just a matter of hours.

This course is based on presentations and materials generously donated by Thomas Tropp, Vice President of Corporate Ethics and Sustainability at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Ethics for Surety Bond Producers is the result of the hard work and perseverance of the National Association of Surety Bond Producers Ethics Committee under the leadership of Past Committee Chair, Charles C. Leach, Vice President, Fuller & O’Brien, Inc./Gallagher.

Special thanks go to the members of the NASBP Ethics Committee, who contributed by writing scenarios, developing questions, reading the work in progress and giving advice; and 5-15 Leadership Committee, who contributed numerous real-world scenarios. It has truly been a collaborative effort by many in the industry, and the NASBP is grateful to them.

The course costs $75 per person and can be taken at your own pace within 12 months of purchase.
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Course objectives
Upon conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Recognize where the line of legal responsibility stops and ethics takes over;
  • Describe the psychology underlying business decisions;
  • Formulate a personal ethical philosophy; and
  • Generate a process for applying an ethical philosophy to everyday situations.

Who should attend?
This course is intended for bond producers and all bond department employees, at all levels of experience.

There are three broad topics explored in this course: compliance versus ethics, ethical grounding and the ethical decision-making process. It is expected that participants will need 3 hours to complete the course.

Continuing education
The course has been awarded the following ethics Continuing Education credits in each state:

Alabama — 3.0

Kentucky — 3.0

North Dakota — 3.0

Alaska — 3.0

Louisiana — 3.0

Ohio — 3.0

Arizona — 3.0

Maine — 3.0

Oklahoma — 3.0

Arkansas — 3.0

Maryland — 3.0

Oregon — 3.0

California — 3.0

Massachusetts — 3.0

Pennsylvania — 3.0

Colorado — 3.0

Michigan — 3.0

Rhode Island — 3.0

Connecticut — 3.0

Minnesota — 3.0

South Carolina — 3.0

Delaware — 3.0

Mississippi — 3.0

South Dakota — 3.0

District of Columbia — 3.0

Missouri — 3.0

Tennessee — 3.0

Florida — 5.0 (3 ethics; 2 general)

Montana — 3.0

Texas — 3.0

Georgia — 3.0

Nebraska —3.0

Utah —3.0

Hawaii — 3.0

Nevada — 3.0

Vermont — 3.0

Idaho — 3.0

New Hampshire — 3.0

Virginia — 3.0

Illinois — 3.0

New Jersey — 3.0

Washington — 3.0

Indiana — 3.0

New Mexico — 3.0

West Virginia — 3.0

Iowa — 3.0

New York —4.0

Wisconsin — 3.0

Kansas — 3.0

North Carolina — 3.0

Wyoming — 3.0


Content host
This course was created in partnership with WebCE, the leading national supplier of continuing education courses for licensed insurance professionals. Since many states require a closed-book exam, WebCE provides unlimited test re-takes at no additional cost.