CEO Comments

New Year, New Logo, and New Location 

“Change is inevitable,” so said British historical figure and Victorian statesman Benjamin Disraeli, who lived in a time of rapid change to the British Empire. For NASBP, the first quarter of the New Year will indeed prove the truth of that statement, as NASBP is transitioning to a new association logo, one predicated on the logo designed for the 75th anniversary celebration of the organization, and is moving its office from downtown Washington, DC to the close-in suburb of Bethesda, Maryland.

This year, NASBP will retire its “cityscape” logo, which has been in service since 2003, in favor of the updated “three interlocking rings” logo, which is emblematic of the interconnected relationships among the surety, its principal, and the obligee. These rings, each in traditional NASBP colors of yellow, orange and blue, also convey that the NASBP membership is comprised of three linked membership classes: regular members, affiliates and associates. The interlocking rings graphic is intersected by the association’s acronym “NASBP” and surrounded by the long-used tagline “Professionals in Surety Bonding.” The date of the association’s founding also is conveyed in the logo as “Est. 1942” and the edge of the circular logo is shown as a wavy edge to connect with the surety industry’s heritage through suggesting the impression of an imprinted seal.

Upon agreeing to the use license, members, affiliates and associates are able to download graphic files of the new logo specific to their class of membership from the NASBP web site at The new logo can be used to present association with NASBP on business documents such as business cards, stationary, advertisements, web sites, literature and other comparable uses. Over the first half of 2018, NASBP will transition all its association print and digital publications, sites and events to branding with the new logo.

Another change on the near horizon is NASBP’s move of its office to new space in Bethesda, Maryland on March 1. NASBP’s current office lease expires at the end of March, and remaining in the current building, which was recently renovated, would be too cost prohibitive. Real estate consultants estimated that moving the NASBP office to Bethesda would engender more than $1 million in lease savings over the life of the new lease. NASBP’s new office, located at 7735 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 900, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, will significantly reduce per square foot costs and provide for a more efficient layout, reducing NASBP’s footprint by approximately 600 square feet. If news of this locations brings a sense of déjà vu, that is because NASBP actually was headquartered in Bethesda once before under then staff executive Bruce Wallace. History does indeed have a way of repeating itself.

Please watch for more detailed information about the office move and the availability of services and information during the move process. Information currently is posted on the home page of the and additional information will be forwarded periodically in association correspondence and communications, such as NASBP SmartBrief. A new year brings a new logo and a new office location and, doubtlessly, a few more changes to come.