2018 Annual Meeting Wrap-up

A total of 806 attended the 2018 NASBP Annual Meeting & Expo held April 29 - May 2 at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. View 2018 Annual Meeting Highlight Slideshow. NASBP thanks the exhibiting companies for their participation at the 2018 Annual Meeting and for making the Expo a success. Additional information about the 2018 exhibitors can be found by visiting the 2018 online expo.

Annual Meeting Co-chairs Monica Donatelli and Todd Loehnert organized the Annual Meeting
Program based on then President Howard Cowan's theme for his term, "Building on a Solid Foundation."  

Lynne W. Cook received the John "Jack" J. Curtin President's Award from Cowan.  

Cowan presented Steve Nelson the Bruce T. Wallace Award.

Cowan accepted the prestigious NASBP and SFAA-sponsored surety industry Tiger Trust Award
for being instrumental in ensuring the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences was bonded. 

From left, Loehnert, Donatelli, NASBP Keynote Scott Mannand then President Cowan. Mann
delivered a powerful presentation titled, "Leading Movements When People Don’t Want to Follow.”

Susan Hecker and Tracy Tucker described the NASBP PR campaign that NASBP is launching and
how the hashtag #beguaranteedtosucceed is for the membership to use in social media posts. 

From left, Mark McCallum, John Rindt, Melissa Baeza, Agent David Spilker, and Special Agent George Boyles educated the NASBP membership
about surety fraud during a panel presentation titled, “Appearances can be Deceiving: Falsities in the World of Surety.”

From left, Frank Rapoport, Mary Jean Pethick, and Michele Pavlik presented the CE session: "Jump on the P3 Wave:

The Value of Bonding in this Rapidly Growing Market,” which was offered twice during the Annual Meeting.

David Anderson captivated with his presentation on "How I Hacked a Construction Company." 

 Brandon White addressed, “Insurance Captives – Pro’s & Cons to the Surety Underwriting Process.”

From left, Robert E. Shaw, Sue Cowan, and Howard Cowan at the final dinner and dance of the 2018 Annual Meeting.