NASBP Advocacy - State Resources

Throughout the course of any state legislative session, NASBP may be confronted with a number of issues that could negatively or positively impact the surety profession. Furthermore, at any moment, a state or local agency official may attempt to include an onerous contract requirement in their bid solicitation documents that is beyond current industry practices or simply ignore state statutory bonding requirements. For these reasons, it is paramount for NASBP to be actively engaged in the political process in the states and to be aware of the public procurement process.

State Government Affairs Representative 
NASBP relies on its bond producer members to assist with the identification of surety issues at the state and local level. This link provides more information on NASBP’s Government Affairs Network. 

Focal Point
The NASBP e-bulletin, Focal Point, is an electronic bulletin that provides concise, bulleted summaries of key legislative and regulatory developments, of information on industry partners and NASBP joint efforts, and of initiatives NASBP is pursuing on behalf of its members.

Info Maps
NASBP offers a series of maps to highlight local legislative activity throughout the states.

NASBP Government Relations 2023 Agenda
This Agenda describes important government relations activities and initiatives, grouping them in three categories: (1) Direct Advocacy by NASBP members and/or staff, (2) Working with Coalition Partners to accomplish stated legislative goals, and (3) by using NASBP Advocacy Tools as another means to achieve a legislative solution. 

2023 State Legislative Session Calendar
This calendar shows the 2022 legislative session dates, the current governors/mayor, and the legislative composition by party for the states and DC. 

An Evergreen Document To Understanding P3s and Bonding
This document details the history and importance of surety bonds and public private-partnerships (P3), as well as the importance of including bonds on the nation's infrastructure projects.

COVID-19 Remote Notarization and E-Signature Reference Chart
This chart lays out the actions taken by the 50 states to allow for remote notarization during the COVID-19 crisis.