Article About AIA Documents 

As a valuable resource for its Members, Affiliates and Associates, NASBP publishes informative articles regarding updates and additions to standard industry forms in use. Here is an article about AIA documents that appeared in Surety Bond Quarterly magazine Summer 2015 - The AIA Describes Updated and Expanded Design-Build Documents Family.

NASBP-equivalents of the current editions of the AIA Documents A310-2010 and A312-2010

NASBP constantly strives to make business tools and resources available to the NASBP membership from our web site. You may be aware, for example, that NASBP makes available downloads of standardized bond forms from nasbp.org, such as, the DBIA, the ConsensusDOCS and the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) standardized bond forms. These are available free of charge to NASBP members and affiliates for use in the regular course of surety business.

To those sets of bond forms, NASBP added an additional set of bond forms. Through discussions with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), NASBP secured the permission of AIA to create NASBP-equivalents of the current editions of their bid bond document, AIA Document A310-2010, and their performance bond and payment bond document, AIA Document A312-2010.

The NASBP equivalents are simply titled “Bid Bond” and “Performance Bond and Payment Bond.” Footer language on each page indicates that the document is published by NASBP and is the text equivalent of the respective AIA bond form. Like the ConsensusDOCS and EJCDC bond forms, NASBP Bond Forms require agreement to a user license. The NASBP Bond Forms, which are the equivalents to the current AIA bond forms, are available as downloads of Microsoft Word files, so members and affiliates will have an easy time integrating the forms into their management systems.

To access these NASBP Bond Forms, click on the tabs above titled, "Bid Bond," and "Performance Bond & Payment Bond." Access requires agreement to the license and instructions, which are followed by prompts to provide a NASBP login and password.